Oscillating fans for tent

What are some recommendations for a good fan setup inside a 4x4 grow tent? Bought 4 Jardin Monkey 6” fans and they all crapped out in one way or another. 3 stopped oscillating and the last had a motor burnout. Have a tower fan in one tent now and it seems OK, just wondering if anyone has had good luck with fans that attach to the poles?

The smaller clip fans work alright. We all have that one oscillating fan that we all had hope for, (spend more thinking it will last longer) but eventually still failed us.
So far, I’ve only purchased one out of the 2. Take my advice buy the proper sized fan, and just stick in the best direction, because any oscillating fan will die sooner than later.


I used 2 8in in my 4x4 tent. Used a rope to hang it from the top poll. Same rope I used to hand my lights so you can adjust the fans to the height u need. Here is some pics.


I use these as well with no problems

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I should add that in the tent i have a cheap box fan angled up blowing up through the canopy and in my grow room i have cheap wally world oscilating fans and cheap box fans. Seems enough airflow is barely possible

All my fans seem to crap out after about 4 months, so I just do the cheap clip on fans found just about anywhere, Amazon usually has 2for deals

That is one reason I hate tents. :slight_smile: The towert is probably the best bet for the undercanopy, and add a couple small clip ons as CG said to; And you should be fine. Keep in mind that using a tent, you should have an inline type fan (a hvac inline 6-8" works frikkin great) in one of your round vents at the top of tent. this will draw air from the bottom inlets all through your tent and clear the hot air for you.

Happy growing :smiley:
p.s. If you need me to, I will post images of the inline fans I use in the tent.

I use these in my tents.

I have experimented some. Found that two of the 8” fans pointed towards the canopy on opposite sides (not opposite corners) of the tent mixed with an oscillating tower fan create quite the nice floor based airflow for those not filling base of tent completely…

I’ve been using this one to provide air flow around my fabric pot. I plan on getting another and set it on a simple stand for canopy.

I just got this at Sam’s Wholesale. It works great in a tent.