Origins of the weed

Just wondering. If weed was grown in a place like Mexico, what would happen if you just let it grow until it died. Would the buds be viable?Did it cure naturally? How did the Hopi and such use it?

It would decompose leaving only the seeds behind to restart its life cycle. How they discovered it? I have the same questions about coffee and cocaine and salvia and heroin, etc


People have tried to eat just about everything there Is to eat I recently learned how medicine people testing things 1 they’d rub it against their skin to see if they rash 2 they’d rub it against their lips 3 they’d swish in their mouth then spit it out 4 they’d swallow a small amount and let it sit for a couple of days


I expect that it must cure naturally before decomp occurs. I like to imagine that at some point it was thrown onto a fire at a late bud stage and the party just sort of happened!

In Afghanistan and a few other middle eastern countries, its quite common to dry on the stick. They leave the plant standing until dry and harvest it. The trichomes are way over ripe and yet they make dry sift hash out if it. Some is collected for fibre and seed for oil and flower.
Obviously the seed is collected for next growing season and typically broadcasted by hand and raked in.


They don’t even smoke the buds over there it’s all for hash making same with Morocco.

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Thats correct, the bud is considered unhealthy to consume, and in reality it is. Thats why these plants will be dry sifted to eliminate the plant material that isnt wanted in my lungs.


We westerners should do the same. The quality of pot would make amazing hash these days in the states and up north. I read this thing the other day that the outdoor market in Canada has exploded with a surplus of bud from last years harvest. They should make old school hash with it was my first thought.

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To be honest, it would largely depend on where in the world the cannabis was grown. If left on thenplant in Thailand or Laos it would never dry, it would rot from the monsoons. In Canada, it would rot and disintegrate from cell destruction due to frost and rot from mold. In the Mexican Highlands it would rot, in the lower arid spots it would dry out to a powder and disintegrate. More than likely, birds would eat the seed. Some would fall on the ground to be burried by leaf mold and may sprout?
In Russia, the plants rot and the seed stays dormant becausebof cold temperatures and in the watm days of spring, the first rains sprout them and ruderalis is born.
Strangely, Cannabis wont sprout here if naturally seeded in that fashion. I was tempted to buy some ruderalis to see if it will do a complete life cycle here? Might be pleasantly surprised?

Its a thing for sure! Check out bubblemans videos. I think the cannabis legalization here in BC has created a surplus of common cannabis and hybrid weed, it has created an underground market for exotics and rare cannabis. In many ways it has largely wiped out the small illegal grow ops. Cannabis is so cheap here its free in many ways. Think about it, you can buy a gram of godbud for 10 bucks at the government weed store! Someone sold that bud to the government weed store for around 4.50 a gram! Thats less than half thenprice payed for street weed before legalization! And thats coming from heavily taxed and regulated multi million dollar grow operations. They have effectively killed the small growers. This is why Californian growers are opposed to legalization.
Its also why I grow rare cannabis, it cant be bought here through legal dispensaries

Yeah the temperature along with the rain here would ruin the whole leave it on the vine till it’s dead and ripe philosophy they use in the Middle East\Afgah/ etc the arid climate makes it perfect place to do that.

My thought for the America’s just harvest it like normal but then make hash with the flower.

Ruderalis is very interesting as the max growing cycle is 45 days. I wonder what’s it like as a landrace.

They were saying the cost of a gram is basically pennies to produce with the surplus. It’s amazing !! I’m buying some bubbleman bags to make some bubble hash as a friend gifted me some trim and larfy buds. I will check to hose vids out. Hash is my thing esp old school nothing like it if you’ve had the real deal.

Okay it’s basically a hemp plant. I wasn’t sure if it had active thc properties.

Ruderalis is a landrace… and generally has no or very little to undetectable thc. It makes great breeding stock if the grower is trying to make early girls, or very short plants for SOG growing.