Original aroma gone more now like chlorophyll

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Harvested my Mary because of an influx of amber trichomes and i wanted more of a heady euphoria than a couch potato result. I dried them hanging in my basement for a week until the smaller stems snapped instead folding. During the drying week the pungent aroma of good weed dissipated to none at all in the basement. I put them in mason jars planning to include a mini hygrometer and a 62% humidity package. The initial readings before I included the Boveda was 62 and 63%. Perfect I thought. So now, I just checked, two days later, the readings are both 64% without the Boveda. Not bad. My biggest concern is that the wonderful fragrance of good weed has been replaced by the smell of chlorophyll. I don’t think it’s the odor of hay that people have mentioned in numerous threads but more the smell of a recently mowed lawn. I’m hoping the original magnetic fragrance returns during the cure as it was earlier when harvesting and during the early drying phase?

Bye-the-way, I couldn’t resist sampling and I have to say it is what I hoped for even at this early stage. One can still function during the euphoric experience.

Thanks for any incite.
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Oh, should I add the Boveda packs when 62% is reached, do it now, or not at all.

Yes, it will gain even better smells as it cures. Try to let it before you smoke it! That’s always the hardest part for me. :joy:

I add the boveda packs after I’m done burping and the buds are at or just under 62% inside the jar. They’re more for long term storage. I know they are a two-way pack, but the stuff they’d be absorbing when the buds first go into jars, that you want to gas off when you burp, would eventually be absorbed back into the buds.


I agree with leaving bovedas out for cure. Burp your jars daily for now and you should be in good shape. I don’t consider my harvest cured until jars measure about 55% on hygrometer.

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my room humidity is a solid 64%. I guess I’d have to lower it before burping them.

@elliot That’s 100% normal I normally won’t even smoke it until it has been caring for over 2-3 months But you will get that smell the first few weeks of burping daily for sure but it will change to a beautiful lovely smell that you want after about a month and then the longer it sits the better it gets

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I did a test this round on curing. I cured half my amnesia at 60-62% and the other half around 66-70%. It’s been a month and the jars cured at 66-70% will stink up the house if I open them. The ones cured at 60-62% have the same aroma but not nearly as strong as the ones cured at a higher RH.


Well, dang, there’s the answer @elliot! If your space is 64%, you should be golden :+1:

How does it burn at 70%? That seems too wet.

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Haven’t burned those yet. They’re down to 65 now. Once they get to 60 I’ll hand them to the wife.

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