Orientation question

A question from a fewllow grower:

After placing the seeds in water for 24 hours and they open to partially
expose the innards under the outer layer; when placed in soil at the
depth indicated is there a particular orientation of that open area? Do
I position it down or towards the light before covering with soil?
Is it important?

No its not important that you position it a certain way,gravity will always make the taproot grow down and light will always make plant grow up.general rule of thumb is try to put seed in with tap root facing down so it can pop out of the ground easier but you don’t have to,you just want to

I agree with Cash. eihter way


I posted something interesting that happened to me concerning a couple day old seed sprout, on the seeds section, concerning my concern about how I put a couple super skunk female seeds with long tap roots after only 18 hours in wet paper towel, after 24 hour soak, tap roots so long, well, one in just another 18 hours pushed the main tap root straight through the side of the peat pellet midway down, a picture there.

I tried like heck to see a tap root from the 24 soak before I put them in a moist paper towel in foil and a zip lock bag, but I didn’t see one on either, but I was gonna point the root “downward”, seems it is stated to do so in a Jorge Cervantes book or likely something I read here, probably both, being “ideally” but likely not absolutely required of course, unfortunately for me, I had tap roots curled in the paper towel in a circular shape, was tough to plant the seeds with the proper orientation, probably why one of the tap likely went sideways for awhile.

We always put the pointy side up when we bury the seed. When the tap root starts out, it immediately does a 90 degree turn. This is because the majority of the seeds land round side down, pointy side up. If the seed is the other way, the tap root has to make another 90 degree turn to go in the right direction.

Yes, pointy side up also helps the seed extract itself from the shell.