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Truely an enchanted forest, good growing to you


Really nice. I’d love to hear more about the low profile grow bags and which ones you went with / where you got em - I am all about getting that root ball diameter Increased!

Watching this for sure. Nice to see you back!


It’s good to be back. I missed the solid community on the forums. Tons of great information.
I feel like the low profiles overall fit my garden style better. I’m not necessarily going for extremely tall plants. I tend to keep them at a medium hight but go for width. More like a bush.
I was told by an old timer 15+ years ago that the plant will nature grow as wide as the roots. Not sure if it has a lot of backed evidence but I like to think so.


I’ve always heard the same about plants.


They will outgrow their root width if they can, photobombs from 2020…
Two 65 gallons and two 200 gallons, the plants in the 65’s outgrew containers most dramatically, I netted and trained them out to keep under fence height.


I envision something along these lines for my outdoor grow. Will probably take a few years to get there. Cant wait to see how it turns out.


Not quite garden related but sure dose make one appreciate the tranquility of the plant.
Quick to the giant crack in the ground. My Strava post will give you alittle more insight of this adventure. (6hr 7mins title time.)
If any of you have Strava feel free to shoot me an invite. (Nothing cannabis please) The HippieRunner is a silent stoner. :wink:

Happy growing everyone… much love!


That is absolutely gorgeous! What a view

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@HippieRunner1, I’ve had your journal set to watching since you created it but I’ve been stunned speechless. Anyway, it’s nice you meet you, sounds like we’re traveling in a similar lane. I’m also 100% organic, make my own vermicompost and potting soil blend and all that.

Just started looking into bokashi after you mentioned it, I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was. I see they make kits for it that come with a vessel and inoculated grain. I’m interested to know more about your process, making and using it.

I also started a couple plants around Mar 1 that I want to grow into trees. I amended one of my vegetable garden rows with 2 yards of compost and loam and that’s what they’re going into in a week or so.

I wanted to ask about your “scrog”. I’ve been debating what to use for support and training. I’ve got a bunch of 2x4 welded wire left over from building my fence, and was planning to use it but I was also worried about it digging into the branches. How has it worked out for you?

Anyway, thanks for sharing your journal and taking the time to read this. Looking forward to watching your grow.


I’m Vages tonight. Ganna be a long night and this reply will take alittle. Ima ponder some thoughts and get back to you on this. You going full season outdoor? What size pot?


Nice have fun in Vegas!

The big ones are photoperiod, picked a couple strains that are supposed to finish in September, and they’re going right in the ground in all that compost. My native soil is practically beach sand, great drainage but very little organic matter.

I’m actually in a unique microclimate here, I’m in the ancient lake bed of Lake Ontario from when it was larger at the end of the last ice age. We actually jump up a usda plant hardiness zone, 6a, most of NY is a 5. Lots of grapes and apples grown here.


The wire would be alright in the branches but I would recommend using alittle bigger holes. If you are on a tight budget maybe try cutting out every other section of wire. Make it 4inX4in. Trellis is also super cheep and works great. Easy to install and very efficient. How will you be installing your netting?

I don’t scrog per-say. I do a lot of LST. In a since it probably looks like a mega scrog when I’m done. Just from each plant growing together. Kinda looks like a big hedge.

Bokashi. I only use it as a soil additive. For example. When I transplant from solo cups to one gallon grow bag I sprinkle some Bokashi, Azos and Humic acid on and around the roots. Not a lot just alittle. I feel like this give the plants enough healthy energy to go for the next month without any feedings. I will do the same thing when I transplant to the 100gal in a few weeks.
Never use Bokashi in a brewed tea. This will cause huge negative effects on your plant and soil.

What are you feeding on plan and feeding your plants?


I’m planning to feed them the same way I do indoor, organic dry fertilizers, and then a generous helping of my vermicompost+worms in the transplant hole. Probably water with microbials once a week. Maybe some bokashi now too, :wink: thanks for the idea.

I have a 300’ roll of the nylon trellis netting, I also use it for my hot pepper and tomato rows (though I’m not doing tomatoes this year, I’ve still got 1/2 a freezer full to process from last year). I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to deploy it for my weed row.

I guess I was wondering about how you’re using the fencing around your pots? Is it just a tie off point for LST?


My current grow, three 200 gallon bags and a 65 gallon toward the back…

I use the fencing for tying and controlling branches with vineyard tape. I will add an outer perimeter to help them get even wider with support if necessary.

I still need to start my 2022 journal here.

Photobomb :dash:


Looks great @Big123. It seems like a lot of growers are outside already. We have easily another two weeks before I can even think of transplanting. Kinda feeling behind lol


Thank you @HippieRunner1

I started photo beans indoors with lights, dropped 3/2/2022. I started putting out plants on the Spring Solstice because of the great weather. Some plants started flowering, some got light cycle confused, others were not phased and continued to grow vegetatively.

Just one feminized plant toward the back right in this bunch is flowering, and will re-veg. I super cropped her so she is hard to see. I pollinated some buds with a regular male. Each 200 gallon bag has 2 plants per.

I will be netting, tying down, and super cropping like a mad man.

Photobombing photoperiods :dash::slot_machine:



Just picked up a used 1000 today. Fingers crossed it works. These little laddies could use some more power.


Those plants are going takeoff :flight_departure: when you put them in their new homes.

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Garden preparation week is about to start. I have been waiting for the nice weather to arrive and I’m thinking it’s almost here. Although I have done a lot of garden work over the past few months I feel like there is still a ton to do. I’m sure hoping all this hard work pays off.
Plants are looking to be about 2ft+ tall come transplant time in a few weeks. Fingers are crossed that they will grow into some monsters. :wink:

Start hardening off 10 of the largest healthiest plants.

Drip lines need to be fully working and dripping.
Interior/exterior of garden fully weeded.
All grow bags watered. (AM/PM)
Cover crop planted in all grow bags. (Plus inoculated)
Bird tape installed in garden.
Introduce worms to all grow bags. (Monday)
Get organic straw bale.

All plants watered with fresh tea. (AM)
LST all plants as needed.
Trim all lowers as needed.
Examine all Z-Dawgs for male/female.
Spray all plants with light spray. (PM)


Well I made alittle progress yesterday. Watered all plants with about 5 cups of freshly brewed tea. Humus straight from the Ochocos. This will help introduce life to the soil that is adapted for our environment.

I was also able to lay down 1lbs of cover crop. Spread out evenly between all 10 grow bags. I used a special inoculate to the seed prior to apply to the soil. This should help creat the “good” bacteria that is needed.

Cleaned up the weeds in the garden and also patched all irrigation lines.

Also created a hardening area for the plants. I’m hoping to start setting them outside today for a few hrs come lunch time. I’m seeing all these other grows were plants are going outside already. Kinda getting alittle giddy.