Organics with the Hippie

I’m already looking forward to following your grow.


Good Grief. I played sports all my life until I couldn’t. Running, other than to make a tackle or on a basketball court and conditioning to play them, was not something I ever enjoyed.
At those elevations it has to be brutal. Much respect HR :athletic_shoe:


I only ran during basketball or rugby. I used to be a kayak instructor in my youth.

The only running I did was from either the law or my old man! Unfortunately, the old man knew me and where I lived! :rofl: ad to come home sometime to eat!

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Much appreciated :dash::peace_symbol::four_leaf_clover:

Ditto @HippieRunner1


Did that once, was the bottom of the pile. Never Again.
Swimmer, for life. Learned to hold my breathe, while diving and exhale while ascending.
Learned to run, for fun (or sobriety), in 1980. Got hip replaced after1990 running incident, in 1995.
Chester, with Marshal Matt Dillon, runs faster, now.
available to learn here, no hurry.
Thanks for caring and sharing, OwTH


It’s crazy how many runners tapped into the field looking for an outlet for sobriety. I definitely fall into that category. 8+ years of no booz and many many miles in the shoes.