Organically grown hydroponics!

Seems like just yesterday we were debating over this exactly subject. In the past the words organic and hydroponics were like trying to mix water and oil, it just didn’t really work.

Well over a brief bit a research I stumbled upon an article that spoke about the root zone of plants. Most importantly about how the bottom 2/3’s of your root system is designed to primarily take up water and oxygen. While the top 1/3 is the nutrient system.

In my next experiment we will discuss, design, build and implement an organic rdwc.

So without further ado let the discussion begin


I guess the real question is how your going to do it…? and also will there be any benefits…? do they have to be broken down to compound form before they go in the hydro, or is it going to be an active pot… like a compost brew… could it be moody ph wise… interested buddy, I think using hydroguard will help keep everything in check fungus wise… :smiley:

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Definitely run hydro guard as a preventive measure in the water.

So to answer that question. I’m really not sure yet, been up all night reading and haven’t quite wrapped my head around the whole idea yet but here goes nothing.

10” net pot with 120 micro bags for the side walls, Hydroton base with some smaller pebbles, then some super soil for holding organic material.

The totes will be water only, fun part will be figuring out how To keep the roots from taking soil into the totes with it

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So any ideas on what would let roots thru a net pot but not allow soil/substrate out would be fantastic

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I’m almost thinking of a 5gallon smaller hole micron bag wrapping the whole net pot system together and down into the tote.

That way Incase any issues did arise it was a pull and pray separation of the two.