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No problem man I totally get not bein able to be on the comp all the time. That’s why I end up going awhile without updates and everything. I’ve been functioning mostly as a caregiver where I can around my house cause the fam comes first then comes the plants haha then comes getting to actually put everything up getting to talk with people about it. I just did the run yesterday so I’ll get the pics up.

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So did the run of c02 hash yesterday. Ended up being a big one. I used a really big bag of trim from my friends outdoor plant that I helped them with this year (we actually have 2 1/2 big ziplock bags left to use up). I think I told you all about the table that I cut last year to do my hash runs on so I figured I’d post that up first so you can see what it all falls onto…

that is it starting out on the counter. and those the easiest way I found to catch everything that keeps going up off the edges. My next table I build will be going across the whole length of the counter and probably a few inches off each side just for a little more area to catch everything and make life easier. The first time I did this I used a full sized mirror layed down on the counter because I didn’t yet have the other table cut up.
So moving on… I have been using 5 gallon all mesh bags because I found the bags with the colored fabric up the sides sometimes the colored fabric gets to cold with the c02 hash and can break up and fall into the hash which is uncool when you’ve done all that work and then look down and there is just colored flakes in it to. Other “tools” that I use for the run include plastic putty scrapers to get up all the keif at the end I found the plastic ones won’t dig into the mirror or the plastic and a 25 micron pressing screen. Also a hammer to break up the dry ice that comes in block form where I get it Then finally the important stuff the dry ice and the trim… That is the ice in the bag and now after hitting it a few times with a hammer…
Now for the trim… Like I said I used a bag of trim that I couldn’t even fit on my scale so I’m not sure how much trim was used this run but it was a fairly large amount. that’s my mom helpin grind up everything in the food processor before I get everything rolling. She likes to help out whenever she can haha

So yea like I said I have been using 5 gallon all mesh bags but I’m thinkin I’ll be upgrading to 10 gallon bags next time just because of the size of the runs that I’ve been doing or building a whole rig out of a different kind of steel mesh even but that is for the future.
I put the trim in the first bag ( I only used 2 for this run because my friend just wanted a quick run to and was gunna mix everything together at the end anyway instead of keeping it in the different grades so worked out easier that way) I used the 120 micron bag first then the 220 micron work bag at the end.

That is the bag filled with all the trim. Then with a whole bunch of the dry ice in it. I leave some dry ice in the cooler to add in when I switch bags later so that I keep everything super cold.
After I add in the dry ice I try to mix it up a little bit and then let it sit for a couple of minutes to get really really cold. I have found if you start just shaking it right away you’ll be shaking for awhile before anything falls out (which for people like me with a bad back or shoulders can be frustrating) So once its nice and cold the fun and work starts.
I close the bag up and bring it up over the table and keep shaking it and shaking until it seems like no more good stuff is coming out. (btw this run came out very green at the start but once pressed and dried its been turning very nice and brown) This is the end of the first bags run… incase it doesn’t look good enough the fun part is the scraping after…
Now for the 220 micron work bag. There is a reason people call this one the work bag. Like I said it dropped greener this time than previous times I’ve done this but its drying pretty much the same so idk if there was more water in the trim when I froze it or what exactly happened. Also I don’t have pics of me transferring the trim to the work bag because at that point my gloves and everything are fairly covered in keif and I didn’t want to cover the camera as well haha. Transferring the bags is pretty easy though I put the work bag in a 5 gallon bucket and I partially open the bag I’m using then I put the opening inside the 5 gallon buckets opening that is lined with the work bucket and I pour everything into that. Like I said I add more dry ice to the work bag and I let it sit for another minute before I start to shake everything again. Here is what the table looked like after using the work bag… And after scraping it all together…

I don’t have pics of it pressed because my friend had to run so I gave them a huge pressed chunk real quick when we were finishing up but the total weight ended up being 71 grams pressed so yea it was a pretty successful run for just using up part of the trim from one plant.

I hope this wasn’t to much at one time. If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up and I’ll get back to you whenever I can. If your gunna be using dry ice don’t forget gloves I’m pretty sure I forgot those in my “tools” part but yea that is pretty important.

happy growing and have a good one


Happy growing everyone. I’m back :slight_smile: All 18 Purple Dream seeds sprouted last week. We will be growing them inside under a small 400 until they are big enough to go outside. I’m aiming for June 1st. The new garden is look nice. Very basic but way more room. Last year the laddie had a 12ft X 10ft area. This year they will have a 16ft X 32ft area to grow. We will also be bumping up from 4 plants to 10.
I will post some pictures next week. Happy growing everyone :slight_smile:


I had to construct a try style drain system for the starts. This allows them to sit on a level surface while the water drains below them. The bottom tray is at a slant to allow the water to drain out of a pvc pipe I installed on the floor of the trailer. I plan on keeping all 18 in the trailer tell the end of May. The 10 healthiest will be adventuring into the outdoor garden, 4 will be budded in the trailer. The last last 4 We plan on giving to our neighbors. (Gatta keep them happy) How big to you all think they will be come the end of May?? As of now we have one 400.
Purple Dream from High Point Seeds out of CO.

The new outside garden. It looks alittle rough right now but is coming along very nicely. Overall its going to be very basic. 32ft X 16ft. This will only be used for the laddies. The last panel to be fabricated is the door panel. Probably next week! Next I will wrap the exterior in a privacy green screening. Each plant will be in a 50 gallon smart pot.
I have already noticed that this new site gets sun, as of now, about 7:15AM. The last location didn’t get sun tell about 10:30 or so. Heck ya!
Happy growing everyone.


Looking good and definitely watching. Hoping to get a couple of my purple dream seeds dropped this round in the tent. :+1::+1::v::sunglasses:


Here are a few photos of some of the progress I have made.
We planted 18 feminized seed April 2nd. Purple Dream. All 18 sprouted and are quite healthy. We are taking advantage of these nice days and allowing them to slowly acclimate to the brightness of the sun. Alittle fish/crab and a small amount of iron.
When do you suggest to hit them with their first tea?

I have one ‘t’ connector to get for the drip system. This will only be used when we are out of town. Otherwise all the laddies will be receiving PH adjusted water ect. Also I still need a few items for the tote tank. Adapter and hose.

This week I will finish the front door and a few small other things. Hoping to get them in the big pots by May 20th.

Please. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Happy growing everyone.


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Here we go everyone. Full steam ahead :wink:


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Dude! That setup looks amazing!

I have a slightly different definition of “very basic”. lol! I’m such a small-timer. Ha haha!


Looking good dude. Looks like you have it covered! :+1::v::sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag , I can see your heart is into it . I have always felt you get out of something what you put into it. You are off to a great start an doing a fantastic job. you will be rewarded in the end.
Happy growing my friend !


You might be able to grow a little weed in there. Jelly here


At what age to you think I can hit them with there first tea?

I have no idea and don’t want to guess. Maybe @Hellraiser can help.^^^^

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I see no reason to hold off on the tea unless you think the soil is just too hot at this point. Sooner better than later to get the soil inoculated with the beneficial microbes from the tea.


Thanx everyone! I will start the brewing today. I will be brewing and feeding tea about every 2-3 weeks from here on out. Fish/crab solution will be given every 2-3 weeks but on opposite weeks than the teas. Fresh water when need be. Everything will be adjusted to 6.2ph.

(Yes we believe in the power/energy of rocks. Each 50gal pot has a small teabag tied to the exterior. The teabag contains quartz from our property. We did this in hopes of transmitting positive energy, promote healthy growth and life. Both for the soul and the plant.)

Mini bach of tea started today. Just alitle bio-live and a smidge of molasses.
I will introduce the worm castings next batch.
I’m thinking I will wait tell July to introduce the bat guano to the tea.


Today is the first day that all seedlings are truly in the vegetation stage. (In my opinion.)
Another three weeks of the nights inside and days outside lifestyle. Good time for the hardening phase I guess. We will be choosing the 10 healthiest out of the bunch. They will go directly into the 50gal bags.


Looks good
My brother and what type of screen is that for walls?


Are they under a grow light in thst last picture? They look yellow.


I was thinking the same thing. A little nitrogen wouldn’t hurt. Maybe a little compost tea. Hippierunner, don’t know what you have on hand, but the girls look a tad on the yellow side. Nothing major, but if you have any sources of nitrogen might not be a bad idea to give them some. Your set up is awsome! I wish you the best on this grow! Peace…

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