Organic with the Hippie

Starting to show some nice growth on the flowers.Two more teas and some extra goodies here and there and its flush time.

Super excited for harvest this year. I think we will have some down right funky smoke. Almost time to roll some hooters :wink:
Happy growing…



Looking kickers! Going to be a nice harvest man.:+1::v:


Looks like we have a three day storm coming in on Friday with a good amount of rain. Time to jimmy rig a three week quick cover. I was able to get some old plastic from the farm today. It may have a few holes but it will get the job done.

Time to sheild the laddies from mother nature.


It is what it is. Looks like ima have to ride this one out. Next year I will make sure to build a hoop style top for the garden.
Happy growing…


They sure are reaching for the sky brother! It’s astonishing how great your garden looks this far along. I’m really impressed with how uniform and nice it looks. You’re doing a great job bro and keep up the great work. Happy growing everyone!


Yet another week behind us. It was a rough one on the girls. Two solid days of rainning with highs in the 50s. Very happy to see some nicer weather in the forcast.

Spent some time tending to each plant today. Big leafing, picking dead leafs, spready branches ect. This evening I will be giving them 4.5 gallons of freshly brewed tea. Only two more teas after this.

This strain has been quite a trip to grow. Alittle slow at first but once it gets some veg. under her belt she realy seemed to take off. So many phenos within the genetics. Out of 10 plants each has its own style. Even down to the smell. Really looking forward to trying the smoke in a month.
I might be even more excited for all the bubble hash. Oh ya, kicken it old school.
Happy growing…


Things are looking great buddy! Gonna be a crazy yield this year for you. :man_farmer:


I wish I was harvesting now. Things are really starting to shapin up nice. Although the flowers on this strain aren’t as large as I thought thay would be. Should still be some funky smoke :wink:
Happy growing…


Looking outstanding pharmer :four_leaf_clover::peace_symbol:

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@Icecube I noticed your post about organic soil. You might find some alright information floating around in here. I also like to grow the organic way :wink:


Went ahead and made a double batch of tea tjis week. All the laddies got 5 galloms Sat. morning and will get another 5 this evening. Tomorrow I will start the flush. Not needed so much with organics but we still do it.
Who dosen’t love fresh H2O, right? :wink:

Looks like we will start cutting down on the 6th. I’m thinking I will stetch it out over a few days. I dont need all the flower being ready to teim at once. Lol

Tonight we will release the last 1,200 lady bugs. Let the good times roll.

Haply growing…