Organic versus synthetic for nutrients?

This has probably been discussed a million times already, but as a first time grower, I’ll give my first-hand experience on organic this far. I do have a “Jacks 321” system coming for later. Some of this is based on logical thinking, rather than experience, as I’ve yet to use synthetics. Only inoculated a few with “dynomyco” and added some bone meal as a top layer to all to be ready by flowering. I also use my own worm tea at every watering without a few of burning any plants.

I think when you start off organically, you are not helping the plants. They need to do it on their own. You don’t want them shooting up with a tiny trunk, basically. They need time to adjust to their windy conditions.

My theoretical opinion on synthetic fertilizers from the start is they will give the plant what it needs right away so the plant won’t have to put its own enzymes into ensuring success…the success is given to the plant. I envision a large fragile plant when synthetics are involved at the beginning.

My opinion on this matter, that I’m going to do with all 12 of my plants, is that you start with natural/organic methods and allow the roots and everything to get a foothold. Let it adjust the trunk to wind conditions, rather than force it to get large. Let it create a massive trunk to get nutrients through later. Then As the plant start growing and getting thirstier, add synthetics to give it everything it’s been wanting a month or so before flowering. Keep ramping it up until harvest.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh yeah. Weed porn. Too many words to read. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grow on.

My understanding or misunderstanding? Organic vs non organic elements.

 An element is an element,  your body doesnt care whether you drink milk or supplement vitamin D in synthetic form.   Once in the system, its an element,

Mother natures wind naturally strengthen her limbs to support her seeds. Yes, good nutes aides in the process. So does strong fans in closets.

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Giving synthetic nutrients will probably weaken the plant. It’s similar to someone who always takes medicine versus someone who never does. Who’s immune system do you think is stronger?

The difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers is very simple,
organic nutrients feed microbes in the soil and in turn the microbes convert organic fertilizers into soluble nutrients at a rate the plants can absorb. Derived from organic sources.
synthetic nutrients strictly feed the plant. They’re derived from minerals and gasses and work almost immediately but they don’t stick around or feed the plant for very long.

If you use either type of product properly you’ll be fine. Typically I’ll use synthetic nutes in coco and organic in soil. Personal preference.