Organic top feeding

Whom among us has moved to organic top feeding from other methods? Is this as simple as moving from chemical nutrients to an organic top feeding solution? And how often does one feed? It looks like just once in Veg and maybe twice if Flower. Any recommendations for this method?

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Hi ive gone all organics and i top dress with worm castings and bat guano and insect frass i do this once in veg and once maybe twice in flower but i normally use organic compost tea and banana tea in flower aswell

I amend my soil with Happy Frog dry amendments, top dress once a month and brew a tea occasionally.

Hi, I switched from miracle grow ferts (oh the shame) to living soil and top dressing with dry amendments. I use the Dr. Earth line and some langbeinite when I flip. I top dress once a month. I pH my water and use silica during veg, calmag the entire grow and Peruvian Gold for micronutrients. Other items are mosquito bits soaked in water for 24 hours, strained, and use it once a week to keep the fungus gnats at bay. Eggshells, coffee grounds and banana peels for amending my soil before use.
Started brewing compost tea this summer. It is a work in progress trying to dial in my routine but I will get there. Since switching to living soil and top dressing I have not experienced nute burn just a deficiency here and there.

Also with living soil I do not water to runoff and keep the soil moist so the microbes stay happy.

That’s just what I do. Remember there is more than one way to grow a plant you need to find what works for you!


Outdoors in the dirt it’s a must do. I use lots of things from chicken manure, worm dirt and super soil but as far as a top dress dry fert, I like the new Jobes Organics line. Stuff stinks like catfish bait but works and I’ve yet to overdo it.

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I’m the opposite I have 5 top feed auto grows under my belt but I’m switching to jacks 321 for ease of use and lack of smell. I preload my coco with 18 tablespoons 5-3-3 old truck fertilizer and 6 tablespoons diatomaceous earth so it has silica similar to soil, fish s#!t and plant probiotics.
Week 2 18 more 533
Week 4 12 tablespoons DTE 4-8-4, 5 tablespoons bloodmeal to get through flower stretch
Then every 2 weeks 8-16 tablespoons 4-8-4 depending on size and ripeness

Water amendments ph veg5.8 early flower 6.0 late flower 6.2
one feeding of 1/2 tablespoon molasses 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt
Separate feeding nectar for the gods sample pack late veg amount of nutrients( regardless of stage of actual growth)

If you can handle all that you can get results nearly as good as jacks 321 but with a lot more little issues that pop up on the leaves(you can usually just truck through it though)

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I am assuming your soil is already a ‘living soil’ before planting?
I am about to go from FF nutes to Dr earth end of november. Autos. I am worried that 2 months/ish is not long enough for organics to breakdown and feed an auto fast enough

Advice, suggestion?
(double post cuz technology can be stupid and not let me edit)

Nope it’s coco coir that I’ve introduced microbes to and if your microbes are strong enough they can break most things down in 2-3 weeks