Organic top dress. How often?

Good morning peeps. I have a ww auto into its second week of flower. Im growing in super soil and im just looking for a baseline for top dress dry amendment amounts and frequency. I have 4-4-4 all purpose and 3-9-4 bloom. I let her have 4 tbs each in her first week and she is starting to get super thirsty so id like to stay ahead of my top dressing. What say you guys on how much i should be giving her and how often. Thanks

Good morning to you as well.

The specific soil you are using (brand and type) will be helpful.

I would suggest cannabis specific fertilizer such as Fox Farms, Advanced, or Jack’s.

The timing of nutes isn’t so relevant. Nute levels should be managed by measuring your runoff PPM. This will ensure that your plant(s) have the proper nutrient levels throughout its life for a productive grow.

Most decent cannabis soils will not need fertilizers for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant.

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My base soil is peat, mushroom compost, worm casting, perlite. I also added bat guano, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and a dose of 444 to start. I figure that mix would get me into flower. Aldo im growing in 5 gal pots

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Outside or inside? As outside after periods of heavy rainfall it may need a touch up. Inside if your supersoil is right it’s not needed. Only water

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The one im talking about will be inside only. However i just mixed up a couple pots with peat, mushroom compost, perlite and added nftg one shot. I plan on running those outside and see how they do compared to the others.

I use 8 large bags of potting soil, 4 pounds blood meal, 4 pounds bone meal, 2 pounds rock phosphate, 4 pounds seabird poop, 30 lbs worm castings, pound of Humic acid, 2 lbs domesticious earth, Epsom salt, microhazi, perlite I add that after a 30 day cook to the bottom 1/3 of my pot and the rest of the pot plain premium potting soil