Organic soil question

New grower here and I’m staying organic as I can. Im currently have 5 ladies in 5gallon fabric pots of FFOF. after im done the harvest can I take the soil a reuse it all again? And keep doing it? If I should add stuff what should I add? Any help I greatly appreciate. @Nicky ( hope u dont mind the tag) @HippieRunner @Dankloud @Dman1969 @Life1 @OrganicGrower


The soil can certainly be reused but only after amending it with some good stuff like blood and bone meal, rock phosphate, manure etc.

Look up Subcools Supersoil recipe for an idea


Here go to My current grow journal to see what i usually add to my coco ( which starts inert like drained soil)


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I always start fresh and I also have used FFOF and even amend that with worm castings and a good slow release fertilizer monthly until around the 5 week of flower.
but when your dealing with that amount of soil and the price of it these days I believe it’s a good idea. Definitely check out those recipes for living soil. For me It’s really fun and interesting and a satisfaction making your on soil. From scratch Etc worm castings, coco, and compost.


Hello @Gunther11 welcome to the addiction called growing lol… saw your questions thought I’d add a couple pennies (my two cents) I use my soil over and over and according to the maker of the stuff I use “Earth Dust” it gets better every time you reuse your soil. Earth Dust is made and sold by thegreensunshineco check em out it’s the easiest stuff I’ve ever used, kisorganics has a similar product and I’ve heard of other companies having some too I just haven’t checked them out. If you prefer to mix your own check out buildasoil they have a ton of information on their site on building a soil mix including recipes, clackamascoots is another place that has a good recipe I think it’s the one kisorganics uses but don’t quote me on it :wink: … there’s many other recipes out there and I’ve seen many here on the forum I just don’t have enough brain to remember where they are lol… good luck imo organic is the way to go


Thanks :pray: for the tag :label: and these folks have you covered. Happy Growin :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Can I use a tea on the ladies at any stage like even when they are only a week or 2 old as they are in FFOF but not sure if it matters what soil there in. Its the tea brew from xtreme gardening. @GulfCoastGurilla @Dman1969 @Life1 @GreenSnek @MeEasy


If I’m not mistaken I believe that tea has the directions on the packet. Fox farm Ocean forest is pretty loaded and should see you through the first month. Home made teas with just a couple cups of earth worm castings and some good compost and maybe a teaspoon or 2 of bat guano can’t hurt. After that depending when you flip your lights you can amend your teas to flowering. Until then keep searching on brews and amendments. Remember your environment plays the
Biggest roll on how your plants will respond and uptake nutes. Good luck
Don’t over water.