Organic soil mix

A question from a fellow grower:

My question to you is about my soil.
I recently purchased a couple baths of “just natural” with a mushroom compost as my base.
And I have a bag of sand to mix in the mostly bottom of the pot and some vermiculite to add into the top to allow the roots to not succumb to your recent email about fungus.
I am planning on using 3 gallon cloth potting bags to use from start to Finish. (Sprout to harvest).
I want to add all natural ingredients to use as I’m not keen on liquid nu(oo)ts.
I’ve heard crushed eggshell is nice to add to the compost as a source of calcium, and I plan on getting a good mix and keep turning it for 30_45 days before I plant.
So the question, finally,
What can I add to my soil that would be all natural and organic that would help my plants achieve max yield without chemicals? (Food scraps, household spices, ect.)

There are many different animal droppings that all have differing ratios of nutrients based on what the animal needs. If you have a google on what is best which i have but can’t remember off the top of my head, you’ll find ones which contain the right amounts of nutrients you will need. Combine the different poos with mushroom compost, perlite and vermiculite if you want, and soil and as you said turn for 45ish days. There are also lots of other things which are liquid but also natural you can add to your grow, as your plant will end up using all the nutrients in the soil you use well before the grow is finished. Fish emulsion is a good source of nitrogen and is natural I’m fairly sure. Ive never used it but just on what other people have said. Blood and bone meal with added potash is also a great source of natural nutrients and the potash is a needed boost during flowering. You can pick it up cheap from your local garden store. As you are planning on having a strong organic soil mix, I would suggest not starting your seedling in it. Start them in a small pot maybe half a gallon with a seed starting soil mix, which has basically no nutrients. transplant to your 3 gallon pots with your soil mix after a few weeks. If you start seedling straight into strong nutrient rush soil, theres a good chance they wont be able to handle it and will die or have stunted growth.

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Most importantly, before you put your plants into your soil mix, make sure that you have the correct PH level in the soil. If you make it very nutrient rich and it is either very acidity or alkaline, the plant will suffer.


Thank you very much for your time and replying to me. Newbie here and I appreciate the help.

No problem at all, Im not very experienced but happy to help with whatever I can.

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