Organic soil grows with shindig153

Transplanted the babies today and up potted a Soviet Skittles and wedding cake. No more room in the veg tent.


Here’s my journal @mlapham33. Welcome to the forum. Feel free to post pics of your plants.

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Weekly update. Finished up week 6. On to week 7.

All plants are doing well and starting to look frosty.

First up is Red dragon. She very frosty and starting to fatten up.

Next is Sugar Black :rose: She’s doing great. I’m going to give one more dose of cal/mag to help keep her green late in flower. I’ve really struggled with that in the past.

Laughing budda is coming along really well. I’ll call this one the little plant that could. Can’t get over how well she is doing. The buds are getting chunky. I clipped a small bud off over the weekend and was impressed with it being so young. I’ll be looking to harvest at 70 to 75 days. I’m also thinking I might try to reveg. I don’t have any more seeds or clones of this variety.

Next up is Bubblegum. She has chucked up a bit over the last week.

Last but not least is crystal. She’s coming along pretty good. She’s seems to be moving slower than the rest.


@Dman1969 you inspired me to get a trim bin.

I haven’t used it yet but can already tell I’ll be much more comfortable trimming.


And, the way you grow such frosty monsters, you will get a ton and a half of delicious kief… :nerd_face:

:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


Lookin great brother. :+1:
They’re certainly phattening up nicely . :clap::clap:



Thank you :pray: My Brother it’s best thing since indoor plumbing! :wink::rofl::sweat_smile: Just don’t forget to shake shake shake! :sunglasses::v::metal:


And I must say your grows are always astonishing! I hope :crossed_fingers: and pray :pray: you and the family are doing well. :sunglasses::v::metal:


There coming along nicely @shindig153

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Thank you everyone.

The sugar black :rose:is starting to show some amber on the top buds. The plant is still shooting new pistols all over the place, which tells me she’s not ready. The harvest window opens in about a week.


Good morning!

First up is crystal. She didn’t appreciate the top dress I gave her. She was telling me she was just fine. Next time I’ll listen to what she tells me. As a result she’s got some nutrient burn going on. That’s unusual for me. Normally I don’t feed enough.

Next is Bubblegum. She may be small but she sure is getting chunky. She doing great.

Laughing buddha is doing good. The buds are getting heavy. When the fan blows on her she’s wobbling all over the place. I’m going to give her some support.

Red dragon is still coming along good. Very frosty. I’m going to start looking closer at trichomes. She’ll be in her harvest window by the end of the week.

Sugar black :rose: is starting to consume her big fan leaves. She is in her harvest window but not ready yet. She’s still shooting pistols. I’ll be watching the trichomes from now on.

No signs of white powdery mildew this week. I sprayed anyway as a precaution.

End of week 7.


Forgot to make mention. The tent is smelling of sweet berries/fruit with a nice hint of skunk.


Do you think the alfalfa? Just curious and learning. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the langbeinite.

Regardless, they all are looking great. Nice work :v::green_heart:


I put in some bukashi with Malibu compost a while back so I think that was probably enough. I’d say the alfalfa meal is the problem. Started about a week or two after the top dress. I used a small handful. I’ve never had problems using langbeinite so I’m leaning towards the alfalfa meal feeding being the problem.
Now I know to trust my instincts. The other plants don’t seem bothered too much by it. Could be Crystal is a little more sensitive to nutrients. Regardless she should still do alright. I definately know my soil it hot at the moment.


Wow haven’t they come a long way.
I remember them in little pots when they were really young still. Look at them amazing @shindig153
Look at red dragon she was the smallest right.
I want to go back to the top of this thread and revist those early shots


Laughing budda was a tiny little duffer when I flipped the lights. Red Dragon has had it’s ups and downs but is still coming along.


Just showing off the sbr. She is ready to chop at any time. I’m going to let her amber up a bit more just to see what difference it makes. Might go for 50/50 amber to milky. Her fan leaves are fading fast.


Beautiful colors :heart_eyes: and nice and Frosty :ok_hand:


There’s May’s Bud of the month rite there! :+1::+1::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Wish I could enter this one. I think ILGM wouldn’t appreciate it being from another breeder.

Thank you @Joshmcginnis28

Much appreciated guys.