Organic soil grows with shindig153

Update on the grow.

I’ll start with the new additions to the flower tent. Soviet Skittles is looking good and starting to stretch.

Sour d is also looking good. Instead of doing a full on trim job a couple of weeks into flower I decided to trim just a little at a time. My neighbor, who is also growing a clone, and I agree that Sour d is very sensitive to aggressive trimming. Next time I grow Sour d I’ll try to have most of the training finished before I flip them.

To the veg tent. Sugar Black Rose is looking happy and really kicking it into gear. She was slow to get going. I have cropped a few branches to help even out the canopy. I’m not in a hurry to move her into the flower tent so I’ll let her get a bit bigger. I’m trying to keep a good rotation of plants going.


Now for the old ladies. Still waiting for all three to amber a little. I think I’m on week 9. Roughly 66 days.

Gelato is still fattening up. If they don’t finish soon I might need to add some supports.

LSD is still fattening up. She is starting lean over as well.

Gorilla Glue continues to show some nice pick color.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Stay high my friends! Northern Lights is treating me well today.


Miley is doing much stronger every day. Crying out in pain during transfers has stopped. More of a complaint of pain now. Transfers are going better. Five more weeks until we can start to weight bearing on her legs. We’re getting closer.


ah that’s gotta be tough seeing her in pain but glad she’s improving. hope it continues.

the old ladies are gorgeous- lots of frost production!

i know i read this somewhere in here, but what’s on top of your soil? saw autopots advertising cocomats. does this help with gnats?


It’s hemp mat for micro greens. It does seem to help with the gnats. Noticing a lower humidity helps with that as well. I don’t have any in my flower tent at 45% humidity. I have gnats in the veg tent where the rh is at 60 to 80% depending on transpiration. They’re more annoying than anything. The gnats get caught up in the hemp mat a little. Slows them down just enough for an easy squish. It is a little satisfying.

I’m dealing with thrips. They don’t seem to affect the plants much other than making them look ugly. I kept them u der contr by trimming leaves and squishing them when I see them. Both Gelato and Gorilla glue have them. I’m thinking the harvest should really clean them up.

I do have a lot of different bugs in my pots now. Not sure what they are but they don’t seem to bother the plants.


i may give them a shot. i thought they were just an annoyance until i got a bad batch of mosquito bits and the problem got out of control FAST. i think they actually wrecked one of my tents. now i’m super annoyed by even one. i top dress so i don’t/cant use any kind of rock layer on top but those look like they may work.

i’m so over bugs! but i will say i’ll take gnats over mites. hope you can keep the thrips at bay.


When my gnats get out of control I break out the shop vac and start sucking them up. Doing that over a few days puts a big dent in their numbers and the vacuum seems to kill them. Also rub the surface of the soil to make get them out of the top layer. I also let the top layer of soil dry out well to help kill the larvae. Those are what do the damage. That’s what I do.

The thrips are a work in progress. I find taking the time to look for them helps keep them under control.


Those colors in the gorilla glue are absolutely amazing. She looks like a BOM winner. You have my vote

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Thank you. I’ve entered quite a few times so I’m not getting my hopes up. The free seeds would be nice.

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It’s a tough lineup this month. Have you ran the sour D before? I’m wondering if it’s a true sour D. That’s possibly my favorite strain

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The sour d is great. Not overly energetic but doesn’t make you tired either. Nice relaxing, clear headed long lasting high. I think it smells of strawberries and diesel. There might be a hint of lemon as well. Smells really good.

I grew sour d for my first indoor grow from ILGM. I remember it was good but can’t recall the details. I don’t recall it smelling as good as this one.


Beautiful @shindig153 really awesome

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I guess I’ll need to order some

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Here’s my journal if you want to take a look.

Hope everyone is having a great day!



Thanks , and same to u and family :v:


Update for Miley.


Gorilla Glues is now hanging. Started to see amber trichomes.

Here’s a look sour d in the jar. She weighed 2 oz on the money.


Brother I’m sorry I’m so late catching up!! I hope thing’s are still improving!! :crossed_fingers::pray: I’m speechless on your grow!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::v::call_me_hand:

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Both got some really lovely colours to them.
My gorilla glue didn’t get that bronze tint to the leaves last summers grow.
Smelt like a cross between coffee and chocolate in the late evening breeze.
Mmmmmmmmm with a smile.

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