Organic soil/coco questions

To be completely honest, ive never used ILGM Nutrients. Im sure they work just fine, I just prefer what ive been running. If I was going to switch? Itd be to Jacks 321. Easy decision there.

I vote you run you coco lightly amended with EWC. Perlite is optional but Im always a fan of perlite. Then since you have Bergman’s nutes, give them a try. Can always upgrade later.

Yes follow the schedule but remember, LESS IS MORE. Start low and slow. 25-50% what they show. If the plants fine with it, stay the course. If she wants more, up the feed. If you get burned tips, less and more water.

Screw that :poop: pH pen and definitely screw that soil meter. U too Tezz! We all know better. Make that $50 investment in urself and grab the Apera. Thank me later. Lol.

In soil pH is optimally adjusted between 6.3-6.8 throughout the grow. But ur not in soil, I am.

You are expecting to be in coco. 5.8-6.2 is the range you want to be in.


Nothing about what kind of light.

4 x 2 tent is perfect for 2 mid sized plants. Maybe 3 if you grow them smaller intentionally.

Nice fans!

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What is EWC?

Earthworm castings.