Organic soil autoflower question

Just starting a white widow autoflower outdoor grow, the organic soil I’m using (beyond peat professional organics potting soil) says it will feed for up to 3 months. I also have the fox farm trio and cal mag, will I even need to use them with autoflowers or is their growth cycle too quick to deplete the soil.

Maybe the calmag if nothing else… could you post a picture of the ingredients to the soil?


Meh… im kinda on the fence there. You see a few things you like in your soil. But not enough to sell me on it. And words like slow release bother me. I get organics are all slow release. But so are MG’s hot tablet loaded soils.

Im pretty sure itll have something in it to help get you started, maybe even through a bit of veg. But im not seeing it getting you into flower, let alone through it. You’ll definitely need supplements.

Also you may want to find something a bit weaker for seedling starting. Might be soft enough not to burn. But id prefer to to cut it with some cheap topsoil and perlite then risk expensive seeds on a guess.

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No you will need to add nutrients at flowering and Cal Mag. Make some supersoil up for the next round then u just water

Thanks i thought so that’s why I got the fox farm trio and the cal mag. I just didn’t know if the autoflower life cycle would be too short to use up the nutes in the soil

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