Organic soil and bugs


I am making an organic soil outside to use next crop, I currently grow inside and have no problem with bugs. I have the soil sitting for the next month in a 55 gallon drum (about half full) and I’m turning it multiple times a day to keep it from going anaerobic.
The problem I am thinking is when I go to bring this soil back inside to use. I will most likely have a bug problem. Is there any way to go about cleansing the soil before hand to make sure pests don’t make their way into my grow space without also killing off the beneficial microbes in the soil?


You could mix in de to your soil while your turning it… should help … :wink:



I keep mine outside in a 30 gal garbage can and I haven’t had any bug problems. I mix my own really hot soil, so I let it sit for a while and turn it like you do. I also use 2" layer of paving sand on top of the soil so gnats can’t get through it @Aolelon


I may have to do that. Just fine pavers sand from the local hardware store?


@skgrower You don’t have any problems with watering and the sand draining down into the pot? I guess if you watered a little slower to where there was no backup of water up top it shouldn’t be a problem. Also I will be switching from Clay pots to Smart pots so I feel like watering will be a little easier.


You could always bottom feed , like an ebb n flow… :thinking:



@peachfuzz true, Although I don’t think I would be too concerned with pavers sand being mixed in with my soil other than the fact it might compact it down a little bit.


Yes water slowly to let the top and sides get good and wet. I also use clay pellets on top of the sand. It’s just one more thing to help stabilize the top so there isn’t a water divot in the soil. Some growers say you don’t want that. Smart pots are so much easier to use and they automatically trim the roots.


I think I will try that, I was reading you could use the sand I actually forgot about it till you brought it up, Might put some large river rock on the top to help with that if i cant find any clay pellets. Should do the same thing IMO. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.



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Just get your self some large BLACK trash bags and place some of your soil into the bag and close it up nice and tight’ and let it sit in the hot sun for a week or more before you bring. What you’ll be doing is cooking your soil and killing anything that mite be living in the soil’


Will that not cause the soil to go anaerobic?


You cook it for say two or three days or for one day
it’s to kill off any bugs living in the soil and your answer is no…you’ll be fine