Organic slug control

Was getting damage to young plants and some of the soft tissue veggies in our garden.

A friend suggested beer.

So, I drank a whole 12 pack, woke up the next morning in a fog, but still had slugs!

Called him and he explained further:

“Don’t drink it, put some in a saucer or plate overnight!”

I suggest a good IPA.


Lol! They just wanted a beer too. Doesn’t look like they could keep up with you

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Check this out

May be of help.
Give you some ideas.
When I was little we used to borrow the table salt and watch them bubble bubble die…though not sure a salt ring around base of plant is good idea or not?

I wonder if epsom salt would work the same as table salt?

Good question.
If I run across a slug today I will revert to my childhood days and pour some epsom salt on one to see.
My guess is yes

We started doing epsom salt rings around the plants, but still saw the damage.

I picked on off a plant, laid it in the salt ring, no bubbles. It actually laughed at me!

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Well I want whatever your smoking haha

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Maybe it was a Hookah smoking caterpillar that laughed at me…

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Put egg shells around the trunk , they won’t walk over them :+1:t4: @AAA

Careful with Epsom salt alone. Not only could it burn but can also throw your pH out of whack if not pH’d prior. NaCl is neutral but will increase you PPM.


Thanks for the tip. We applied to our raised beds in the garden and in small amounts.

Have an old army blanket? Lol

No, but maybe I can steal some old wool socks off the homeless guy I see on the street!

I forgot about copper.

I like the beer idea, I get to drink the balance of the beer!

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