Organic PH adjustment

I am new to the forum and have a question. Ive never tried to have a 100% organic grow before and now that i am im wondering what to use for ph up/ down. Im growing in a compost mix and super soil, trying to feed microorganisms and such. Only using a micro/compost tea, no ferts. What can i use to adjust ph up and down, that won’t upset my microbeasties? My water is good, home artesian well just a slightly high ph.

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@Sirsmokesalot is organic he may be able to help

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Im a noob here, thank you.

You’re still good to use ph up and down. Most just use down and it’s just an acid. Can try lemon juice but a little ph (you’ll probably use half a ml or less of ph down per 5G of water). Let me know if I can help in anyway down the road :+1: goodluck!


No kidding? Ive been warned about standard ph up n down formula in realmicrobial based soil. Ive been using lemon juice as a rule already but what can i use if i need to raise the ph? And thank you for your previous response.

I use it and have never had a single issue (i grow organic on hemp farm as well as my somewhat large stealth grow).

I would say dechlorinate more water than you need and just dial in how much down you need (if you’re getting low 7s that shouldn’t change that much). If you over do it throw it out and get more. But short answer would be vinegar (white distilled) I’d still just use ph up and down but I get your concern :+1: happy to help

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Awesome man, thanks alot

Hey man funny enough - I just found this
Wanted to share in case you were still wanting to try to steer clear of ph up or down (orange and blue classic bottles) - doesn’t say it’s omri certified so may wanna dig deeper to make sure it truly is organic

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Hey, awesome thanks for responding. I’m terrible with the internet so bear with. I actually used baking soda, only needed 1tsp for 5 gal. Worked great!

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