Organic P K boosters

It said water soluble that’s why i am trying it in my teas


I used langbeinite and fish bone meal in my last grow. Added during flowering but can’t say if it really helped anything. Didn’t seem to hurt.

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Thanks for this conversation everyone. Someone had posted a chart of nutrient availability time lines for different organic amendments. Does anyone know what I mean / where to find it? I saw it a couple weeks ago and I’m failing at retracing my steps.

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I know what you are talking about, but I don’t remember seeing one for organic amendments. Sorry!

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After much googling I found this but this is not the one I thought I saw previously. The other one I thought was better than this


Sorry so late. I’m using langbeinite for k, mag and sulfur. It is slow realse so over a few waterings it works it’s way into the soil.

For P I use seabird guano. It takes about 2 weeks to break down.

I use both as a top dress about two weeks before I flip that way they are available when the plants need it.

Fish bone meal takes about 6 weeks to be useable for uptake. I use fish bone meal when setting up my pots knowing it takes six + weeks to break down. As that become available so does the top dress of seabird guano and langbeinite. Get the plant firing on a cylinders as she transitions to flower.

That’s what I did with this plant.

She is happy.


Every time I’ve seen evidence of phosphorus deficiency in my plants seabird guano took care of it in a week or less. I put about 1/2 a tablespoon in 2 liters of water then aerate it for 1-2 days

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