Organic outdoor grow ready?

Growing an auto Nefertiti Sativa outdoors. It’s now day 93 since it first popped from germinated seed above the soil and supposed to be 100 days from what I’ve read…

However there’s been a couple of hiccups thru the way, almost killing it by spraying with neem oil in hot sun in first week of June in initial pre flower state which it luckily recovered from but has since turned into a hermaphrodite… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: If I was to guess its been in flower for 7 weeks now? Been a very stressful outdoor grow with cold weather in pre flower and then recently thunderstorms the other day!
Anyway not sure it’s ready just yet but could be close? Another week away? I hope so as I just flushed it with 20ltrs water with a couple of teaspoons of organic honey. :pray:

For info it’s in coco with some amendments Inc perlite and volcanic rock dust. Been feeding with Ecothrive Charge, Ecothrive Tea and some Bat dung during flower. No chemicals, I think! :v:


Welcome to ilgm, plant looks nice and healthy, super frosty, great job my fr6

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Lol. @MrPromo …I saw organic post and knew you’d drop in to peak? Welcome @Ogbud btw - glad yo see your growing!!

Autos list a pretty damn close description of how many days to harvest! Do you have a jewlers loupe to check trichs? Cloudy/amber they look great though…good job.gkas they recovered from the hiccups…

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Oh yeah & if it did Hermie on you…harvest it ASAP before it just seeds up on ya special day 100 on auto…

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@Mrcrabs…LMAO how’d I hit promo!!! Still funny you saw it mr :crab:

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You knew it catch my attention, outdoor and organic, 2 of my favorite things, well Mr promo, id I’d figured you meant me, no offense @MrPromo

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Thanks guys. Harvested it yesterday after leaving it in darkness for a couple of days. When I came back to it you you can see the hermie pollen sacks on the top that have popped thru. Glad this one is over. Got a couple more going but unfortunately they’re also hermes!