Organic outdoor Afghani

I’ll be growing 7 strains this year, but will separate each grow journal by strain. Southern California.

1/31/19 Started 10 ILGM Afghani fem seeds on, 100% germination. Indoor window sill with 65 watt HLG QB board.

2/3/19 All ten went into to a starter tray with soil.

2/17/19 all ten went into 32oz cups with 40/40/20 happy frog/perlite/worm castings blend.

3/3/19 transplanted 9 into outdoor grow box. 4’x4’x20”. Did a supersoil per @garrigan62 recipe. 7-55 dry quart bags of Whitney farms organic soil and 4 cubic feet of course perlite as a base.

These were inside on 14 hour light cycle. Right now we are barely at 12 hours outdoor sunrise to sunset. With dawn and dusk schedule closer to 13.

So, I know I run the risk of them starting to flower and not finish, but I got bean drop happy and have too many plants on window sill.

Weather has been unusually crappy here, so let’s see what happens.

Final resting place:

Close up of interior
of 1 of them:

Makeshift greenhouse for cold nights and coming rain.


This one is getting held back. I’m going to try and fatten her up and put outside in May.

Each tier has one leaf with odd number of blades and one leaf with even number of blades.

image image


@AAA looks like you’re off to a great start. I have an indoor Afghan (ILGM) if you want to take a peek, I’m one week into flowering. Bushy cute thing.
Odd leaves, sometimes they do that, but it’s usually not a huge deal.

Welcome to ILGM!


@Covertgrower thanks!

Yeah, I’m not worried about her, I’m actually giving her special care because I think she will be special as a clone mother and seed mother. I’m fattening her up for my breeeding program!

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Also wanted to tag @Skydiver, I like your die hard organic style!

@Covertgrower Yes, let’s see a photo please.

Thanks @AAA
Nice set up you have there! Wish I were able to grow outside but with local laws and it’s freakin winter I’ll have to stay in the house.

I’m new to this process but wasn’t willing to allow myself to use anything but organic growing for my health the health of anyone that may use what I’ve grown and a lower carbon footprint on Mother Earth!

True Living Organics is now the book I’m am trying to follow moving forward with my newest plants. I ordered it from Barnes and nobles digital copy with the nook app for about $12. Worth every penny even at triple the price.

Thanks for tagging me in I’ll be following…I think I set that up correctly anyway…lol



First two things

1.) "Welcome to ILGM and to our community we all hope that you stay and grow as a member.

2.) I like that setup ( a lot of work and more to do lol )

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Thank you @garrigan62 & @Skydiver! I will be using some of Garrigan’s teas on the cannibis as well as the vegetables. We currently have 7 boxes total, 2 of which are for cannabis.

It’s middle plant in the back.

Nice! Can’t wait for mine

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One week since being transplanted outdoors into the box.

Not much going on but some vertical stretch, I’m guessing they are going into flowering.


2 weeks since planting outside. They are definitely budding now. Question still being will they finish before reverting to veg.


3 weeks since planting outside. I’ve been taking to some so cal growers and sounds like these will finish no problem.

image image


I’ve been *talking…

They are looking great! No outdoor for me the local constables frown on that method. Plus I still have a foot of snow in my yard.

@Bubblehead thanks! It’s crazy, in the last 2 days they have started stacking on weight.

Nice looking plants!
Great outdoor set up :medal_sports:

Thank you sir!

Can’t wait for these to finish so I can plant a summer crop in that box.

4 weeks since going outside. Seem to be progressing bud formation wise.