Organic or not?

Hello, I would like to know if all the products that I purchased from ILGM website organic or not? There is no ingredients listed on the package so I don’t know what is in it! I am using live soil and I would like to know if it’s ok to use with the organic grow situation?

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Welcome to the forum! No, they are not OMRI approved.


Not organic, as mentioned above.

Depends on your interpretation of “ok”? If you want to run an organic grow then these wouldn’t fit in anywhere. If you’re wondering if the nutrients will successfully feed your plants and lead to smokable bud they are plenty capable.


Im going to disagree with you @BobbyDigital have you ever grown organic and smoked it compared to chemical grown weed even hydro you can taste the chemical’s even though it’s been flushed several times

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I think you are refering to dbrn32, and the term smokeable is as generic can be without too much detail.

@Mosca yes i was sorry

Yes, i spent years growing with straight omri listed products. And I’ve stood in front of people that made same argument as you that couldn’t identify my organic weed over 3 other samples of synthetic grown weed. I have even went as far to grow cuts of same strain differently. Maybe if something wasn’t used properly would be a viable argument.

This comment easily refuted by simply attempting to point out where the periodic table of elements differentiates between organic and synthetic nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. All elements once in the plant are scientifically the same.


Organic is a marketing ploy and money scheme. I retired from Whole Foods. It is all a game and always has been. I think it is more about how its grown over nutes used. Living soil. Hydro. Coco…etc. The organic sourced farm down the hill becomes non organic first big rainfall. The non organic farms nutes wash into it. Never notice do we…:grin:. I think "natural"is a better term. Just my thoughts.


Agree with dbrn. Blind taste studies have proven to be unnoticeable. Nother wrong with synthetic’s, two different ways to achieve same goal.

I prefer not to have malathion or dursban in my lungs or stomach.

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Freedom of choice.