Organic nuts and stop buying on bottle!

Please give me some tips:

intend to start growing organically and end with the expensive liquid nutrition eg Golden label.

my idea is to do that. have heard you can use mung beans, alfalfa, popcorn, silica, barli and alovera. more tips that i can use i gladly accept.

The idea is to sprout corn, barley, mung bean and mix them and add in water with alfalfa and silica.

tips on recipe veg:?
tips on recipe bloom:?

hit me thanks:

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Look into @garrigan62 super soil mix. Also @Budbrother and @Mrcrabs are two of the most organic growing guys i know! Theyll get u right. And @Myfriendis410 is also a beast


Thanks for the tag @PurpNGold74, @Bubbelkush lots of good organic growers here , welcome buddy, read some journals and have some fun!! I’m into composting and staying organic as possible. :+1:

Organic gardening might be a good topic for the forum as many are going that route.

I do not do it as it isn’t really compatible with hydro and to a lesser extent media. I do use good quality materials as I’m the one smoking it.

Look into more readily available Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus by brewing teas from: worm castings (N with some P and K), bat guano–insect bats high in N and fruit bat high in P and K. If doing indoors you can imagine anything organic is likely to have an odor too.

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Someone says organic and my ears prick up lol…I’m watching now :slight_smile:

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I’m discovering that lol. The smell is getting pretty loud from one tiny compost bin :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Mrcrabs is organic and the man with the answers is @garrigan62. Any tips for sourcing organic nutrients and the pitfalls?


Ive seen post where people use their own pee lmao… 10:1 ratio I wouldn’t do it but hey it’s a suggestion!

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I charge my biochar that way @Dushin91 but full strength @Skydiver has used it diluted, hes the one thst gave me the idea, worjs great! !

No no no
Not diluted
But deluded lol
I used it while deluded…but it may have also been not at full strength lol


You take humor to exactly the place my father did. Lmfao


Gremmall…I am your Fader…hhhhhhrrrr…don’t know how to spell the Darth Vader breathing sound…

Well now he sounds like a great guy to me.


@Gremmall and @Dushin91

Thank you @Myfriendis410 for the tag my friend.

yup, these guys can grow big time. But at the same time can cut-up with the best of 'em.

Ok if you two guy’s want to go orgnaic you know who to ASK



and by the way,I would love to play football with your avatar…Tackle football that is …lmao


Yep…there are some great growers on ilgm. And the diversity is incredible, every medium and nute possiblity is covered SOMEWHERE. But what impresses me the most is how fun these ppl make learning. There are some serious comedians here lol. For organic growing I’m going the compost and soil amendment route UNTIL the time comes that finances aren’t the issue lol. I’m one grow under my belt thanks to the members you have and I want you to know I was never led astray, quite the opposite as issues were pointed out to me that I didnt know were issues lol. I love it here and I intend to stay :smile: LMAO I would love to tackle her too :sunglasses:


I’m little lazy and buying bottled organic nutes.
Works well.

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