Organic living soil and deficiencies

I am currently growing in 5 gal fabric pots using roots organic original mixed with 1lb of Natures living soil autoflower concentrate. I have 4 blueberry autos going and 1 has more yellowing of leaves than the others. If this is a deficiency and not a natural part of the finish, what can I use to fix the issue?

Probably need to feed the soil with a good compost tea here’s a link to homegrown they’re all about organics

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So every other watering I have been switching between adding fish shit to the water, and half water half compost tea I get from my local hydro joint. I’ve been doing this since flowering started so about 4 weeks now. I have 4 going, and all the girls get the same amount every other day. I PH the water to 6.2/6.5

I’m pretty much learning this living soil thing as well. I’m on my 1st grow with it so I don’t feel comfortable giving advice I would hate to fuck up and kill someone’s plants. That’s why I just gave you a link to the place that I’ve found actually helpful. I’m looking at your plants and I’m not seeing a problem with em. What am I missing that is the problem?

Lol, also my first grow so its definitely possible that I’m being paranoid. But the higher yellowing leaves on the one girl are making me nervous. The other 3 have had some but only on the bottom. It just seems like the 1 plant has more yellowing than the others. I know it’s a natural thing late in flower so I wanted to make sure something wasnt wrong with her since I’m only mid flower.

To me they look like they are healthy and on their natural course to harvest. I’ve seen / had worse looking ladies in the same phase your in and they finished just fine. It’s “fall” in your tent and that what plants leaves do is reallocate nutrients from older leaves to other parts of the plant.
I do top dress using Neem meal and kelp meal during flowering along with brewed teas etc keeping the micro heard going and providing them some thing to eat.
Just keep an eye on them and if you notice things getting worse than consider feeding them via top dress etc.

Hope this helps

Thank you!
Can I use something like “recharge” mixed into my water to boost the soil? According to Natures Living Soil, I can use some of the NLS as top dressing, but if I covered my soil early in the grow with sand for pest control, can I top dress it on top of the sand and water it do I need to dig the sand away and sprinkle it right onto the soil then water?

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I am on my 1st organic grow but I’ve been growing for around 36 years and I don’t see anything to worry about with your plants. Now I say that looking at a couple pics so don’t call your bookie with your lunch money lol. Just pick those old used leaves off and they’ll stop bothering you. Keep an eye out of course because things can change

Thank you! :metal:t3:

I tend to leave those leaves on the plant and let the plant use what resources they can offer to supply nutrients to other areas so unless they are keeping light from reaching bud site or restricting air flow or are leaf on leaf that can cause mold I let them just fall off when used up. Once they fall off or I remove them then I’ll use them as mulch on top of soil.

Good idea using the NLS as top dress. Just add some to top and scratch it into the soil/sand and mix it up top. Then when you water the nutrients will be watered down into the soil and the micro heard will eat it and poop out plant available food for them.

When using AACT from grow shop make sure you use it immediately as it will go bad. Also there isn’t any need to adjust the PH of the tea as it will self regulate assuming the tea is fresh etc.

Thank you for the info sir👍

Gender Tron-
To this one eyed grower, the yellowing you see on the lower leaves is normal during flower. Its your call as to keep them or cut them off. Good job!

Thank you! The one plant had some leaves higher up on one shoot turning yellow as well. That’s why I started freakin lol.

Hey man,
I know it can be stressful when something is not right. You might see some yellow leaves higher as the plant feeds off those fan leaves. Just look at some of the others’ plants in flower and you will see it. The only exception would be someone who is feeding the crap out of their plants.
Nice grow- be safe out there, peace