Organic Guide to growing Mary Jane


Come one come all to the Greatest Grow On Earth!

Great article for new and old alike

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I like it!~ thanks for the write up!

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Wonderful read


thank you thank you for taking the time to share this knowledge .
Its exactly what I have been searching for and now I shall celebrate by having a pre-dinner blast and a good read of your most cool post.
Is this great info available as a PDF ?


Glad you are able to use the info I found and reposted on this forum.
It can be made into a PDF but we don’t have the ability to post that format here as far as I know. I just screen shot info page by page and edit them to clean them up etc and post what I find that I think will help others.

I know many here have various reasons for growing their own.
Mine main reason is quality control and knowing that the end product is as natural as possible without using chemicals that can affect your body in unknown ways. I think we have all seen the fallout over the years with the way the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry has put profits over quality and the public is paying for it with their health and lives everyday.

I am strictly using all natural nutrients mostly from DTE (Down To Earth) products and they’ve been doing this since 1977. Also use what’s around the house as well.

This is some of what I use to feed my living soil that then feeds my plants.

I also use boogie Brew compost tea when watering as well.

This is my Cal-Mag (Calcium and magnesium that plants need often)

I save the egg shells and let them dry a bit toss them into my nutri bullet with the bean grinding blade and makes the eggs into a flower. I just top dress the soil with most all my nutrients and then water them into the soil and let the fungi and little critters do the heavy lifting.
Take a look at posts in the Fungi section.


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thank you for replying.
I am puzzled by the bat guano as we do not have this openly on sale in Britain…
The bat guano makes me a bit nervous as I previously wrote to Garrigan/Moderator @ILGM about…
A friend fell ill in northern thailand after visiting a huge bat cave and had to be repatriated to a UK hospital where he almost died…it turned out it was the microbes in the bat guano that had infected him…i imagine commercial bat guano has been treated…
ps : he survived


Sorry to hear about your friend.
I’m not by any means an expert on this but I will bet the cave had airborne pathogens from all the bat poop that he breathed in.
There are other alternatives to bat guano that you can use that will work just fine.
You can look up on the DTE website any of their products to see what’s in them and how much to apply.

Check out this link

And this is their main site…

Also when I do use nutrients to top dress my soil just before watering I turn off my circulation fans in the tent as all the nutrients are powder or granules so I don’t want the dust blowing around…once I water I turn the fans back on.


great info …thank you


Watch this video
Well worth your time


Watched the vid, enjoyed it. Thanks

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Glad you liked it @kw_Bat
The more I learn about living soil the more it reminds me of the “science fiction” movie Avatar.
Only that movie seems to be based on facts not fantasy based on the story line …lol wild


yer darn tootin !


The truth about conventional farming


thank you.


More good articles on Organic Growing


Good article


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Worm composting bins how to…easy peasy!


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great video , thank you for posting it, I get high from good knowledge.


Thanks. This is one of the better tutorials on supper soil I have read. Just ordered every thing for my next grow…

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