Organic growers question

I’m on my third grow with living soil, and each time about halfway into flower my leaves start getting pale. I use ffhf mixed with perlite, worm castings, fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3, and top dressed once at the beginning of flower. Also use a little bio thrive bloom. Is there some other organic nutrient I should be using to keep leaves green at this point? It’s not bad yet, but looks like it could be starting. You can kind of see towards the center.


Judging from those pics they don’t look bad but pics can be deceiving. Usually when yellowing occurs it’s a sign of nitrogen running low, but that’s not really what I’m seeing. I would try getting some super thrive and give them a drop in their water, it should green them back up. It is a micronutrient and vitamin.


The plant overall doesn’t look to bad at all. If I were in your situation I would give it some fish/crab/shrimp solution and also calmag. I would mix them up half strength. See how she reacts to that.
True organic growing the soil should contain most of everything the plant needs. Over time the plant will obtain what nutrients is needed for the correct stage of growth.
Looks good buddy keep it up :slight_smile: