Organic grow using super soil

So I’m new to this and I am going to try organic using 1LB super soil in bottom of 5G fabric pot then Coco loco mixed with that filled 1/3 up and then fill pot rest of the way with Coco loco soil. So my question is I have Dr Earth fertilizer it’s a powder scratch on the top water in which I would start using after transplanting, there is a veg stage and Bloom stage, I’m really just not sure how much to use and how often with super soil. Anybody have any other recommendations growing organically where it’s as simple as pretty much watering the plant, that is why I want this route so I did not have to worry about runoff and chemical based nutrients. If anyone has any advice or a different possibly easier way of doing this that would be super helpful I purchased the nature’s Best super soil 5 lb bag I’m just worried that I’m not going to have enough nutrients throughout that is why I got the other fertilizer to add during the grow cycle. Thoughts?

I can’t comment on how to use Dr. Earth, but I will suggest not mixing or layering soil and coco. Coco and soil grows are managed differently. Here’s what I suspect may happen. Coco requires watering every day. Soil needs to be left to dry out between waterings for root health. The daily waterings for coco will leave the soil at the bottom of the pot wet all the time and the roots in the soil portion of the pot will struggle and may experience with root rot. It would be best to choose one (coco or soil) and go with that.


Using Dr Earth with a super soil is going to be too hot in the long run.
Use a soil like fox farm or Stonington then add your base of Dr Earth. Let it set 2 weeks in a warm place. Then begin your grow add the bloom scratch in 2 weeks before your flip.there are directions on the bags.
Coco and soil should not be mixed as they are very different grow styles.


Thanks for the feedback! I just thought I needed something to keep microbes happy and seen a video of organic grow and he was using Dr earth. Do you recommend mabe just molasses every other week when watering and only use Dr earth right before flower. I’m theory this way of growing with the super soil at the bottom is supposed to feed the plant throughout it’s life

There are plenty of teas and top dressing options to keep your germs happy. Don’t let it get completely dried out because they don’t like that, it takes a bit of experience to find perfect timing. I’m barely getting there, you gotta get to know your soil mixture. I’m also a molasses user

I wouldn’t add any teas until flower. Then would be a good time to use your super soil. Can use 1tbs per gallon also molasses and fish shit. .you have to dial in living soil.

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