Organic granular oil meal, says can be used for all plants, can I use this for MJ plants?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am currently living in Japan and trying to grow some seeds I got in Amsterdam. This is my first attempt. Things are going well. I’ve got two nice nine inch plants. Its a dicey thing to even consider pot of any sort here, but I live on the 11th floor no one above me or around me. I want to get some fertilizer. I can only get what I can can find. I found this organic granular oil meal. It says it can be used for all plants without worry. Can I use this, or is there something I could ask for without arousing suspicion at a plant store.”

Lol I hear you some things are universal worm castings Veg bat guano Flower you can sprinkle on top of soil and water in or make teas with them to feed just 2 very simple options