Organic Fish food


A few years back I accidentally attracted this fly,when one of my corn buckets got wet and I went on vacation. My buddy in charge of feed the chickens decided to throw it all in the compost bin which had nothing leaves and grass clipings. When I returned from vacation we had a fowl smell in the compost bin.

With some research I found out what they were and how fast they ate any decaying fruit and veggies.

So now I have free high protein fish food, also good for poultry and reptiles.


And so you know I believe those are wasps not flies they will sting you I know this because I’m allergic


Yes they do look like wasps, they are harmless little insects. They don’t sting or bit. My tilapia, love them. Even the goldfish and the sailfin mollies have a go at them.


This is one of Mexican sativas, it’s about 4 FT tall, organic outside grow.

@Hogmaster @Dumme Here I go again with my second aquponic grow . Its just at 3FT, sprouted on 4/20.

all my fish happy and reproducing, I’m new to aquponics but I think that’s a good sign.


Nice. You have any cats in there? They produce low ammonia in their poops. Bet those koi are gonna get fat soon.


@Givemefire. It’s a feeding frenzy, not yet last one I caught was to big, Mabye I can find some at pet store. All my fish have been caught locally except the goldfish, those my daughter picked up at pet store. Have 4 tilapia, 3 crawfish, and about 20 sailfin Mollies reproducing fast.


Awesome bro lookin good. I raise mealworms. not at the rate where i can feed only mealworms but when im low on fish food im glad they are there.
Just a heads up though, hi protein translates to high nitrogen which should be already abundant in aquaponics.


Thanks for info, I will cut down a bit and start them back up on flakes.


I actually like to make my own fish food for what we are trying to do. I go 1:1 with my protein source, usually fish, to fruits and veggies. You could use your wasp larvae if you have enough as your protein source. Add the other part fruit and veggies, not citrus obviously. Bananas are good as well as apples, apricots, peaches. A higher content of plant based material in the food the higher the phosphates. Still have to have plenty of protein so the fish can stay healthy. Cucumbers are excellent because the skin carries a decent potassium content, spinach for iron and leafy greens and other fruit to fill out the rest. I also add in fermented fruit juice and calcium phosphate from my Korean natural farming supplements to flavor it up to the fish’s liking and feed other nutrients simultaneously. Blend it all up and freeze it in freezer bags no thicker than a half inch or you will probably have trouble cutting it when it comes time to feed the fish. i have bluegill, catfish, and crappy. the bluegill and crappy tend to not go crazy over it. They seem to prefer the mealworms and any other bugs i can give them but they do eat it. The catfish frenzy over it and my goldfish are happy to eat it as well. Hope this helps.


Sounds great, they give me a lot of fruits and veggies that are starting to go bad at my local fruit stand. Will section out the good fruits and veggies and make them a shake, great info @BrayneGro


@Mrcrabs For sure brotha. Happy to help.


Awesome stuff.


My fish won’t eat flakes no more, there so spoiled @Coltfire !![IMG_8677|666x500](upload://dXfW5uuVccN2eDNHBqxjSVZzAey.JPG)IMG_8678|666x500. I thank @BrayneGro for the recipe I just tweaked it a bit, but they love they’re home made food. 100 grams of black soilder fly larvae, 100grams of sardines and 100 grams of tilapia. Fruits and veggies used, strawberry, banana, cucumber,pineapple, peaches, dried tomatoes, dried figs, dried apples, dried kale, and green peas totaling 300 grams, blended it all together and put in Ice trays, have a wonderful morning,everyone


And i thought my birds were spoilt , they get a cooked meal every night, and veg for b/fast and fruit for lunch , 8 to 12 different veg and fruit each day.


They are spoiled, a cooked meal every night sounds grand. I pre-fab all meals, my birds eat live larvae mostly all season, what we do for our animals, @Coltfire


black soilder fly larva hard at work


Here is my next adventure, Surinam Cockroach , AKA compost cockroach ,

will update later if I succeed in breeding


Dude! You are one busy guy lol


Haha, gots to stay, busy my friend,and if I can use Mother Nature to feed my pets instead of comercial feed, it’s a big plus!!! Thanks for stopping buy @PurpNGold74 and checking it out