Organic fertilizers

Has any of our veteran growers or growers at all levels used a manure tea to water . Any benefits or negatives… just wondering…thanks this hit for you

A lot of people use teas, and haven’t seen anything negative.
@Mrcrabs and a few others.

Look into rabbit manure. It can be added straight to the soil without a need to activate so to speak.

If you’re in supersoil watering with manure would be completely unnecessary. I guess the real question would be why you’d want to water with manure. The result will likely be severe burning.

I use an assortment of manures in my soil such as seabird, bat, rabbit as well as a bunch of other stuff, but these sit in a container cooking for several weeks before using. Never ever considered adding to water to use as feed. I also use my own foliar spray which consist of fishsh!t and kelp diluted in rainwater. For my application, I typically do not have to start using nutrients until flower, only h2o

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Thanks, I have rabbit manure and chicken from compost pile. I think that if you made up a solution and dumbed it down before watering would not harm the plants. Just be carefull when watering. thank you for your wisdom.

@ThcinKC and I wanna say @Budbrother have experience using manure.

Manure teas work really well just remember less is always more when making them and to make a better educated guess as to how much to use on the natural gardener i think has the nitrogen ratios for the different types of manure