Organic fertilizers in outdoor marijuana garden


I have a small outdoor marijuana garden. Is it recommended to work organic fertilizers into the soil in autumn and then allow them to decompose until the following spring?


Hi Cannagrow,

Working organic fertilizers into the soil in the fall will increase fertility and quality. A pile of compost full of organic debris can be infused with a high nitrogen fertilizer like coffee grounds, manure, cottonseed meal, or fish emulsion fertilizer. Bacteria use the nitrogen which is converted into organic matter as the pile shrinks into a plentiful compost.


Am very new to growing, but happily purchased my first three clones yesterday…
Have an organic/biodynamic garden and want to plant directly in the soil.

A couple of questions…
How close together can the plants be placed if planted directly in ground?
How often do they like water? They get great sun, at least 7 hours direct.
My soil is clayish and I have a healthy gopher contingent, so have also gotten some gopher baskets and will plant on a mound for drainage…
(I placed one in a winebarrel today with fish meal, compost, organic potting soil, but thought it would need the entire space…)

Thanks for any advise!

Always good to research your strain for specifics, indicas do grow wider, so more room would be needed, I prefer in the ground myself, plenty of room for root growth. water use for me is @ least once a week, but can vary with weather as in hotter days, I check my girls every day just to make sure, on some hotter days mine required more water. GOOD WISHES ON YOUR GROW

When growing organically, I mix the soil I am going to use, then let it sit for 30 days. Microbes are doing the majority of the work for you, but they require time to build their little armies. I would check out subcools super soil it will give you some ideas.
Mixing fertilizers into the soil in the fall for planting in the spring seems to me like to much work hoping it is right when you are ready to plant. Fertilizers will leach out into surrounding areas. Climate can kill beneficial microbes if to cold in the winter. On the up side mixing in compost at any time is a good thing.