Organic Blue Dream Day 36

STRAIN: Blue Dream

MEDIUM: Super soil = FFOF, Neem seed, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings and Top Dressed with Nature’s Pride veg

COMPOST TEA: Boogie Brew at late stages of veg

POTTING: 5 gal. “smart pots”

PH: 6.5

LIGHTING: Originated in 2X2 tent with 125 W CFL Agrobrite 18/6 cycle. Moved to MH 600 W 5X5 tent with exhaust and 2 oscillating fans 18/6 cycle

TEMP: 77-80 degrees

HUMIDITY: 45-65 %

WATER: 1 tbs Liquid Seaweed/gal + 5 ml Blackstrap Molasses/gal

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