Organic Bloom Booster

I was talking to a old stoner, trying to learn anything he has to offer. I asked him about organic bloom boosters. This is what he had to say ;

1 silica ( increase resin production)
Diatomaceous Earth
Green sand
2 Sulfur (Flavor and Smell enhancer )
Bat and seabird guano
3 Chitin ( Yield and immune booster)
Crab meal
Insect frass
What do you think about these boosters and do you have any other boosters to add to this list ? @Covertgrower do you know any organic growers I can tag to this post.

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Crab meal is a bit of a iffy one since it’s basically 50/ 50 nitrogen phosphorus so not the best during flower but some seabird guano is pure phosphorous and Epsom salt is a great source of safe sulfur also silica is great all throughout plant grow to increase heat resistance and something about increasing inner plant circulation or something like that as for booster mykos and humic acid increase root size and strength increasing more phosphorus intake equaling bigger bud

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I’m trying to learn about organic living soil as I’m on my 1st grow with it so I really don’t feel good giving advice about it. But I have been dealing with the people over at KIS organics and their site has alot of information they do podcasts and sell some good products. I buy my potassium silicate, and aloe flakes from them
Good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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You do need some N in flower as long as it’s slow release. but fish scales or insect frass may be better than crab meal.

I like to include kelp meal to the list, along with humid acid, and beneficial bacteria.


I’ve read online that banana peels are good for full cycle a little but mostly flower. Like leave them in a jug of water in the fridge for a week. Stiring around a little. Banana compost tea they called it. Never tried it in any plants in flower. But before I got the ff trio I used it for my ak that’s in flower now, as the only sorta full cycle nute. And shes doing well now. So maybe it works pretty well too? Worth looking into.

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Unsulphered black strap molasses is high in potassium and also has several micronutrients. Plus your soil microbes would love the sugar and it supposedly enhances flavor.


Some talk shit on foxfarms, but i use the dirty dozen. I use silica as well, superthrive and molasses, with good results i would say

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I would never put down fox farm products at all, I still use their soil as a base. I just got sick of messin around with the damn ph all the time. The only way of avoiding the whole ph problem is to get away from salt based nutes and grow in a living soil because your soil will adjust the ph for you. I haven’t checked the ph in anything at all in months. I grew with fox for a couple years with great results they have some good stuff 4sure