Ordinary household CFL

A question from a fellow grower:

Can ordinary household CFL bulbs be used in early stages of seedling growth or do plants need light from another part of spectrum? Can these bulbs be used be used as only source of light through all 3 stages of growth?

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Yes - 5000K (day light ) for germination, seedling and veg stage and 2400K (soft/warm) for flower stage. suggest to use 100 watters

yes you can even get dank potent fully mature buds but you must have plenty of lumens. with my cfl lighting system i get 6500 lumen per square foot with an even mix of cool white bulbs and warm white bulbs. Keep cfls close to plant 3-6 inches or so. Remember to get a lot of reflection from white or mylar walls. cfl’s do not penetrate deep so lollipop everything and train a good fully full even canopy. If you do it right you can grow really great buds with less than half the cost. As long as you are just growing 1 to 4 plant you’ll be okay but if you get much bigger I’d recommend saving and investing in LED’s

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Ya for earily seedlig stage. Put once the get to vegg stsge your going to want to pump them lights up and again into flower.
I’ll P.M you what MacG has on lighting he explains it in detail so that you can decidebwhat direction you want to go.