Ordering seeds to Illinois or other states

Was wandering how safe it is to order seeds to Illinois. What precautions should I take?

Don’t stalk the mailman too much is my advice :slight_smile:, cause you’ll be watching him daily. I had no problems at all in New England. ILGM seeds in 13 days. Customs has bigger issues than seeds.

I took no precautions. Used my CC and ordered them up.


I wouldn’t sweat it… I got mine in less time than I expected in under two weeks… I used a cc too… just make sure you answer a phone call from California number to confirm the order

Ditto. I think the government really doesn’t know whether to scratch its watch or wind its butt at this point. I don’t think they’re going to be searching for seeds. Good luck and happy harvest!

I ordered from the US as well. I ordered a 3 pack because it is my first time buying seeds from ILGM. Just being precautions not gunna spend 200$ on seeds right off the bat. So I used my CC, well because who cares it’s an illegal plant just because someone said so 70 years ago, anyways enough with the flash backs, I have trust in the brands strains, I just hope I get what I bought! Lmao! So I think I’m in good hands. The whole setup here is made for the user in mind. I’m online everyday. I read so much good information on here. I can see my seeds coming home to me very soon. Customs has way way bigger things to worry about that 3 pweny wimpy seeds :joy:


Wait what?

Yeah, I had no phone call.

how about a confirmation email?

Yes, had to confirm order via email link.


Yes an email confirmation was necessary

Let’s name this devil; his name is William Randolph Hearst and he’s my sworn enemy


9 days to norther mn,no issues at all

Thanks guys, will be placing my order shortly. Should I have them shipped to a different address than grow address?

I wouldn’t bother.

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I just did my first order in I guess, well, a long time, maybe almost two years, a selection of two regular style seeds, and a third was half off of five seeds of gold leaf. I needed some “regular” white widow, cause I plan on making some backup seeds with also some white widow female seeds I have already that are getting old, and I got into this new thing I saw “Durban Poison”, mainly for medicinal purposes, I need something I believe for fatigue as I am getting older and more screwed up physically. I got a conformation email, that is all I saw, did that.

Then you’ll have awesome seeds soon! Good luck and I hope it cures getting old because I’m there too :slight_smile:

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I’m not far from you and had no issues happy growing ilgm will take good care of you

Speaking of precautions,…no matter if you live in a state with medical or recreational too, etc, the precautions is just not talking about it, …ever…to those who have no need to know, and that includes so called friendly mail deliverers, of course. Ha, ya know, like if yer packaged never arrived, if there is a guv campaign to confiscate mail again with seeds, then you like just get ahold of ILGM, not like calling yer post office and enquiring about any missing mail that might come, errrrr, wherever.

What is interesting in my situation, I just discovered I have more seeds than I thought for super skunk and white widow, I never used, I mean, I should have put them in their packaging in a zip lock freezer bag or actually better, vacuum packed, and put them in the freezer, but I have eight super skunk female and six white widow female seeds left, all about two years old. I may go ahead and start three or four seeds, then freeze the rest. I’m in Oregon, but I got some indoor growing ideas, errrr, meaning growing inside the home instead of my shed like I used to, cause I think I could spend less money on electricity using a small number of led lights than using my fancy electric furnace,…I am almost sure of it.

I was where you were lol. I never ordered from Ilgm but I will. Only reason I haven’t is due to strains I wanted but I’m a research guy and this guy is highly recommended. To help even more I live in illinois. I have ordered from Canada, spain, and Amsterdam. Understanding customs they are busy and it takes a pretty big alarm to tear open a package. They are worried about big deliveries of dangerous stuff and if the package contains what they list that they are sending they really don’t even look further. I use my debit card because it’s not a federal offense and they can not get your credit card information from the company. My experience is that I have had no problem and I order stealth shipping. Seeds came no problem. I won’t explain shipping details for all our interests but do not worry. On my debit card the company name has nothing to do with it and is totally fine but different every time and the charge is different too ( in my experience) I never got seized and I don’t get paranoid 5 at a time growing is a misnomer and lifes too short. I had my friends order also and it happened to a guy I work with lol, he contacted the company and his order was late and they told him it got seized not to worry that the package was resent lmfao. He actually recieved the new seeds before the customs letter. He has no idea how they knew it was seized because he had no tracking number. Anyway they just sent him a letter saying the package had been destroyed and showed the reason was prohibited plants/seeds. They didn’t request contact or anything so I felt very comfortable after that mess he had to deal with lmao. He had ordered 60 different seeds in one package too. I’ve had great luck and everyone else including him since and we have ordered for about 4 years. Some banks require you sign for them so read and if signature is required I won’t order lol. So if they want a signature Its not my package. Don’t I have ordered several times personally and right to my door never no problems. Hope this helps guys