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i ordered orginally 10 +10 super silver haze seeds, and the large bags of fertilizers all three for $199.00. then ilgm offered me 5 bergmans gold leaf seeds for half price so i accepted that. i decided to use my debit card to pay as i had always done. this didnt work this time. then i started looking at the options which were cash or money order. i didnt feel comfortable using cash so i chose using the money order. when that happened ilgm changed the order number and when they did that they also changed my order. the replaced my fertilizer with the bergmans gold leaf starter set which came with 20 seeds and small bags of fertilizer. i ok’ d the order because i didnt look good i looked at the total price which was $362.50. come to find out the starter seeds and the large bags of fertilizer was the same price $199.00. so i didnt catch the error until the next day. from that point i tried with sever emails to support to stop this. it ended up within a few days the seeds came all of them together 20 ssh, 20 bgl, and 5 bgl but no fertilizer.
it has been over a month now and support will no longer answer my emails, and im out my small bags of fertilizers that was suppose to come with the starter grow kit. i have always had a good experiance with ilgm, but this time because they wouldnt do the right thing i had to buy fertilizer from amazon to start my grow. i asked them to let me send back the 20 bgl seeds but later decided to not do that because you have to send them to ilgm in the netherlands i didnt want to raise a red flag so i purposed to them that i keep the seeds and send them 40 dollars to make up for the small bags of fertilizer and they in turn send me my bigger bags of fertilizer which they owe to me. from that point on i havent had one email returned and several were sent. it was obivious to me i was being ignored. anyone who reads this take from it that you should read all of the order confirmation email and that if they get it wrong you are on your own. someone tell me how to fix all this because i dont want to lose a good company because of a stupid mistake.


@ILGM.Support.Stacy should be able to help.

I can tell you from my dealings that they will make it right.

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I wouldn’t quit ordering from them if it was me I know it’s not exactly what i wanted but i did get my money’s worth and all the seeds I could need so I’d just get my fertilizer and grow my greens. Would just double check my stuff for the next order. Now if I spent more than what I got you better get my money’s worth or I’m done with you!! That’s just me though really hope you get this worked out!! Happy growing and good luck!;


@ILGM.Support.Stacy will take care of you


I’d be happy with that mess up. From what i’ve read, that Bergman fertilizer doesn’t last long. Just get some general hydroponics flora trio. Good nutes for about $30 and you get 3x 32oz jugs


Thanks for reaching out.

You ordered Gold leaf, Super Silver Haze and the complete grow set containing Gold Leaf seeds. We send out the seeds separated from the nutrients, nutrients and CBD oil are shipped from a different location and will arrive ± 10 business days after the seeds arrive in general.

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received this part of your order yet, it should have arrived by now so I will get in contact with you to get this sorted.

I’m sure we can find a solution, at least I hope you can give us a chance to. :blush:


ty for answering. and whatever you can do, it will help. i know you have many customers, and i know you have people that want to scam you somehow. but if you look at all the correspondance and previous orders you will see that am not doing that. it got all
out of whack when i changed the way i was going to pay, twice. ask yourself one question, why would i buy 20 more bergman gold leaf seeds when i ok’d the offer you made for the 5 gold leaf seeds. if i already had ordered 20 super silver haze and the 5 bgl
seeds why would i order the 20 extra seeds. i have never ordered more than 20 seeds at a time. i dont do this for profit i do it for personal use and thats why its a while between orders. i really dont want to lose you as my seed company. let me know what
you can do and thank you i wont bother you again.


thanks for responding and your right the small bags doesnt last long its why i got the big ones for 199 it was for 25 plants which would have done the seeds i orginally ordered. and i did get the tiger bloom trio and amazon also offers a couple of more big
bud and bud candy which i may try. but if you think about it this is their business, and their fertilizer is engineered to grow their seeds the best. if i had my choice i would perfer theirs now im back to experimenting which i always feel im losing growth
because i dont know what im doing , with their fertilizer i felt more confident. other then this i have had nothing but good things to say about this site.


they always have for me too. this time they ignored my emails and i spent the most i had ever spent with them. it was part my fault for not reading everything but i still say someone with them changed my order. i really dont know what the solution is.


thanks and i wont quit them and your right i do have all the seeds but i feel the fertilizer is the key to a great harvest to maximize each plants output. we will see how it all works out. i am using tiger blooms trio and have already got the girls going 15
beautiful seedlings doing well, i am realitively new to growing and dont have a green thumb so i read the formum and used what they said to guide me and thought id go all the way with their fertilizers even though they are 3 times the price. i was hoping to
get more out of each plant. but in getting the tiger bloom stuff it pointed me towards other fertilizers that i may try big bud and bud candy i will try them next.

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You will get it handled. Good luck


I completely understand you being upset. Did you take into consideration nobody is there on weekends. Not sure what happened. I hope everything works out for you. I highly recommend general hydroponics flora trio for nutrients. Hell, NASA uses it


Yeah, but NASA uses Tang a well…


i use soil so its a little more complicated to chose because no one wants to say this is the stuff that will grow weed great. anyway i really think their fertilizer is best for your seeds and comes with a growing schedule with exact amounts i have used it
and thought if i had enough that i could grow with it the whole way, before when i used it it was the small bags and it only lasted for so long this time i was going to do it the best i could but when it didnt come i had to get them started i had already lost
3 weeks and well i want them to be full grown now.


Understand. But short of sending everything back, a good trust cheap nute is all you can do


i just wanted to thank you for getting my fertilizers to me, it came today . i owe ilgm some money and i will figure out a way to pay you back. i hope you will have a great day, thanks again.

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Stoked! Glad you got it worked out. Happy growing

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That’s great to hear! Honestly, don’t worry about the money. Enjoy your grow!


hi again. i dont know if it was a mistake or you were trying to send me the large bags but i received another order of the small bags today. when i wrote last time i was a little disappointed but im using the mistake to do an experiment with your ferts vs the
ferts i bought so i could start my grow. i said at that time i was made whole with the order that was eventually made for me and had received all of that. i said then it was ok and wouldnt bother you again. let me know what you want me to do the fert is easy
to send back.

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That’s cool shit of you man, not a lot of folks have polish anymore

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