Ordering and Delivery

This was my first time ordering from ILGM and I wasn’t disappointed. I must admit I was sceptical and thought I’d done my dough after I ordered. The exchange rate for Australia is crap at the moment so it was quite expensive. My seeds arrived this morning, “you bloody ripper” I would highly recommend ILGM. I’ve nearly got my grow room sorted and look forward to posting my progress in the near future.
Thanks heaps ILGM for your service, The next line is for any Aussie’s new to the site.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, OI.


Im a Texan but nonetheless Welcome to the Forum! Lots of fantastic growers happy to help!!!

So, what strains?

Welcome aboard! Drop those seeds and get this show rolling

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Thank you, I’m glad to be able to purchase seeds and actually get them delivered. Growing is illegal in Australia and seeds almost impossible to get.

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White Widow Fem. I thought i’d try something reasonably easy to grow. 5 to start and then stagger the planting of the following crops.

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Great seed bank and forum no doubt about it!

Sure will, its a bit cold here at the moment, sub zero to 15 deg max. I have the heated propagation station but I want to refine my grow area to avoid failure.

Awesome! ILGM has some great genetics

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Holy frozen :peanuts: batman… n ur gonna grow in it?? Best of luck again. Keep the heaters on

Not to worry, summer is just around the corner and I’ll struggle to keep the temps down. I’m installing heaps of insulation in an indoor 8 x 8 ft area. Thanks for your concern but yeah it is cold. I think if I can keep the lows around 15deg and highs around 25deg I should be ok until spring/ summer. I’ll definitely be consulting the forums for advise if I have problems.

Reverse Cycle air con :+1::kangaroo:

Thanks mate, what state you in? I’m ACT. Be nice to have a Aussie contact and the problems we face.