Ordered the wrong seeds by mistake

i ordered the wrong seeds by mistake. can i return them?

You would have to contact customer support but all ILGM seeds are good seeds why don’t you just grow them


I would definitely reach out to customer support.


I thought I ordered auto mix pack.i got females mix pack.i didn’t catch the mistake and treated them like autos till they got big over 5ft.i realized then what happened.they are 125 days old and no fiowers on7 of8.are they to old?I live in southeast and it has been hot and humid.they are in fox farms grow material in 35gallon grow bags.i got ak47 white widow bubble gum mix.i have autoflowers outside 40 days same conditions full of dark tight buds.any ideas?

Photos will go into flower as the days get shorter in my experience that’s usually at the end of august so be patient they will flower. I have 7 outdoor this year and my only sativa looks like it’s starting to flip.

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