Ordered Feb 3rd, payment received 2/11

I placed an order on the 3rd of February. Payment received email was here on 2/11.
I just installed a Spectrum King SK602 and I am ready.
I haven’t heard anything since the last email, which had a link to a discount that wasn’t a valid address.
What I am reading here is making me feel like I need to find seeds still. (which i can’t. I’m broke from the light…)
What is going in in ilgm land?

Dunno about this very minute but I do recall they had some serious issues with their site. You could have been in that whole mess of a transfer.

Best of luck but maybe tag some support @ILGM.Stacy seems to be who you will want to work kindly with! I’ve seen this support person single handily fix all sort of issues.

It’s ilgm they will make it right, stay calm, and let’s see that light!!


What kinda of space are you working with? Got pics?

Pix I have.
I have a male who isn’t dead yet. But will be soon. And a few seedlings from I’m not sure where… Practice seeds per se.

This is right after hanging the light and sealing the window.

I have to get fans soon. Dehydrator… I do intend on being very active here. This is an amazing forum.

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Space is 8 foot by 14…
Standard ceiling. Plenty of space, I think, for the small amount of plants I’m allowed to have…

That’s a bad ass light


Plenty of space! Easily fill that area out :wink:

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you haven’t received your order yet! If you let me know your order number, I can look it up for you and help you out.
But the best thing you can do is to get in contact with our support team if you have any questions about your order: The Best Marijuana Seed Bank - Support >> ILGM


My order number is #781664. Thank you!


You guys are awesome! I just got my order, thank you.
I’ll be germinating very soon.
I will be recommending you to anyone who’ll listen.
Thanks again.

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Ordered seeds 3/16, seeds delivered to local SD branch, 3/18 girls got to SD Regional, IT TOOK 13 DAYS TO GET TO MEMPHIS. Took another 4 days just sitting. Last post on tracking was 4/4, 4/9 still waiting. Not a ILGM problem, not going to rant, no need. Im going to go smoke a bowl now. Cat

4/12 I got notification package had left regional branch and arrived at local branch at 6:54 AM, expect delivery 4/13 between 10:30-2:30. believe it when I see it. I used Post Office Tracking to follow. Cat