Ordered a NIWA. Worth it?

So I’ve pre-ordered this, but the company is a startup and won’t be shipping for 6 months or so. $375. Worth it?

https://getniwa.com/niwaone.html (SCROLL DOWN!)

I’m just growing for my own use. First-time outdoor growing now, just a few plants – LEGALLY in California!! (So cool!)

What do people think?

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Will be interesting to see how it goes… seems small… :wink:

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I’m not sure if you can lower the light to the hydroponics either. Maybe this would be better:

PLease only addlinks to Amazon, Dealzer, Aliexpress, or gearbest. Thanks.

Pictures of systems are OK. Thanks lw-Admin

Or maybe something like this… this is what I’m running… just need to get things in order…

Rdwc with built in chiller and extra rez of 5 gallons if I need to be gone for a couple extra days… :wink:

Hole system holds 22 gallons of nutrients and water and 6 plants…

Here’s a pic of what it will look like when it’s all up and running…just threw a couple of ladies in there for an example… :wink:

Sometimes you can build stuff alot cheaper than you can buy it and build it better for what your trying to do and fit your space… :wink:

Diy… my man… :wink:

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Cool. What’s your light source?

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Thanks for sharing this link
Looks interesting I’m a soil grower myself and have been considering hydroponic setups for some time
I’ll say the light seems a little small but they do have medicinal plants listed in thier App Store ?
Please tag me when you receive this and get it up and running cost doesn’t seem that bad either if it works as they stated
@peachfuzz can grow bro so if you take his advice you may save a bunch of $
:v:️:+1::cowboy_hat_face: Very cool thanks again for sharing CB


I haven’t put up any money up yet and I can cancel the order at any time, but . . . It looks slick! Controlled by your iPhone? Catnip for gadget junkies!

But maybe “slick” is over-rated. I can see doing the quick-grow, compact autos – a single plant at a time – and harvesting every 12 weeks! On the other hand, probably much more flexibility with the peachfuzz system or with root spa . . .

I won’t even think about it (much) until I harvest outdoors.


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@Countryboyjvd1971 Incidentally – I’m going to a 4 hour Dead documentary/movie on Thursday – “Long Strange Trip”. I’ll let you know how I like it! (Well, come on. I know I’m going to like it!) :wink:

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Sounds great I’ve heard of the documentary have had the chance to catch it tho
Let me know how you like it brother @arpeggio
I’ve as heard good stuff about dead and company
I would like to check them out as well if I get the chance
Have been to a dead show since jerry died bro I saw them last time a week or so before he passed :cry:

I run 3 600 watt hps with xxxxl 8 inch fully ducted hoods in flower… 1 for each table , so three tables with a perpetual grow , so I try to harvest every 3 to 6 weeks depending on strain with about 3/4 of a gram per watt so far… only been running hydro for about 8 months , but been in soil for the last 7 or more years… :wink:

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I think I’m going with this light:


Hydro system? I’m leaning Root Spa, but just one bucket.


AK-47. 59 for 5 seeds.


I’ve a large attic space, so I’ll forgo a grow closet for now. Fan and spill tray


Plant food for the hydro system? No clue. $10 for one plant to start? @peachfuzz ? What do you think?

But . . . growing indoors for $150!

Tagging @Rugar89

This is the online review that convinced me about the light:

My realtime experience. Propagating / germinating in a 2.5 x 2ft “shorty” grow tent… I have had to move this light clear to the top of the shorty tent… some 3ft plus away from the plants to prevent burning… THATS SOME INTENSE LIGHT!!! plants don’t lie
The light is a nice even mix of RED / BLUE lights and covers the full spectrum… I heard of complaint about too much blue / white light… I have not suffered from this and in fact I find the light to be a perfect mix and has more color that my KIND LED which has a more pink hue…
I would also like to note that it stays cool and very quiet!! it’s sleek looking and I can’t get over how efficient it it…
Compared to KIND LED which I have had no issue with other than when you compare the two why pay over $300 when you can get an even better light for under $100 bucks… even if this one malfunctions I could buy 2 more for the price of any 3W diode 300W LED…

I am satisfied and the plants don’t lie!!!

IN CLOSING: Why spend twice as much on a 3watt diode LED ? when you can have a 5Watt diode LED for under $100…
I compared this to my 300W KIND LED and although I still use the KIND… I will from now on buy VIPAR LED’s and I have also purchased the larger 600W and it is just as impressive…


tagging @Rugar89

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I will be buying some viperspectra’s soon just for veg… just as an experiment… :wink:
Love my t5 ho’s for veg… the viperspectra’s will only be for oh $h!t moments , when I need some extra lights in veg … :wink:

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Sombody said that mezis where better for flower , with a side by side experiment with both of those led’s. … :wink:
Viperspectra for veg and mezi for flower… :thinking:
You tell me… :wink:

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I have the viparspectra 450 (in a 3x3 tent), and it is working great for the veg so far, but it is my first grow, so I have nothing to compare it to… I will be picking up my 2nd 450 Thursday to get ready for flower, I am sure 1 could do the job, but hey, I have space for a second and a few extra dollars…

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Good to know! Maybe I’ll add the mezi at flower. But not in a hurry at this point. I have time to consider for awhile. Time to listen and research.

I just sampled a pipeload of young buds from a trimmed lower branch – dried and cured. Wow! Incredible! Only growers get to experience that!. Small buds without branch or stem – a kief-like treat!

Edited to add: @Ron330 This post is partly for you too! :smiley:


I dig it I bet I would work I would just add side lights to it :wink:


I run a 3 light rotation with additional mother and cloning space I love it personally but you need to be vigil as any pests can make life hell


Decided to go with this hydroponics – arrived yesterday: