Ordered a couple new strains!


Today my new seeds have arrived for the next grow :slightly_smiling: I still have 4 Goldleaf left and am loving how it grows but wanted to try a few others. A month ago I received my Bubbas Gift and it has been a pleasure growing then today I received my Kritikal Bilbo and Amnesia Bilbo from Genetik. Excited to harvest 2 of my Goldleaf so I can start these in DWC!


Do they ship to the us to


Yep, I live in the US :slightly_smiling:


Do they ship to the us to


Yep. The company is located in Spain, thus the Spanish writing lol


How long is there shipping take


Same as with ILGM, 10 days for me from both places. ILGM has some killer double seed deals going right now to.


I prefer ilgm but not afraid to try something else to I really want some gold leaf gonna be my next purchase


I would recommend it! It has been great fun to grow and it gives off the most wonderful aroma, even in veg lol. It was about week 3 of vegging when my wife made me put my carbon filter on, you could smell it quite well outside. I also have to be careful about opening my tent if I know company will be coming over because just a couple minutes of it being open and the smell travels quickly :smile: