Ordered 2'x2x4' tent for drying need advice ppease

Jus got a 2’by2’by4’ tent n am using it for drying but wanted to kno ?? U still need exhaust system right I was ordering 4" systembbut if I’m going wrong bout this please tell me

Yes. I would run an input fan and a output as well. Good airflow and management of both temp and humidity are very important for proper drying.

Ideal drying conditions lead to a dry product in 7 to 10 days where humidity is ~60% and temps in the high 60’s to 70ish.


I have a 2x2 for drying, dome three runs in it. I use an AC Infinity S4 set at 3 on the exhaust with passive intake. All good.


I would setup with exhaust fan and filter. Probably just like AAA.

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should be “done”


Yea I his ordered a 4" vivosun booster fan n speed controller

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Hoping exhaust comes in today but have a fan n dehumidi in there as well as outside so let’s pray for best