Ordered 2 strains, looks like 3 strains. Please help

A question of a fellow grower:
I ordered White widow and Silver haze feminized seeds from you. Everything is going great however I have 3 different strains it looks like. I have no idea what the “mystery strain” is but I have enclosed a pic to help figure it out the left side is the Silver haze, the middle is white widow but I do not know what on the right.



It’s impossible to tell strain by a picture. But no two plants are the same. Especially hybrids. Best explanation I’ve seen is think of it like this. A family has 3 kids. They all came from the same parents but none of them look identical. It’s the same with plants. Some seeds will take after the mother and some will take after the father. And some will be a mix of the two.


Most hybrids will show differences. Each seed is a roll of the dice.
Like the family differences example above.
In my family are 5 kids…4 with black hair n brown eyes. One with red hair.

go figure.

The white widow is going to be real frosty and turn the sugar leaves into pure resinous buds. You’re plants look like w w except the pale one.

I have 2 ILGM Amnesia Haze Autos that look so different from from each other, and they were grown under identical conditions in environment in the same tent. The only difference between them was training method. One plant’s buds are purple with splashes of green, the other is green with splashes of purple. It’s been pretty rad, and they’re both super gorgeous!

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