Order trouble and have not heard back from support team


I mean i know i could buy additional lights and add them in but was wanting your opinion on if it would matter to do that or if u think it would be beat to replace light all together. Lol


The 300w will be good to start off with but u will def want more


Okay thanks. I cant find now how big the grow tent is either . lol . i want to say its 5Ɨ5 feet. Is what i thought the description said.


Ok, well in my 5x5x7 room i run 3 400w lights, 2 M/H and 1 HPS. so that is 1200w from wall in there. And in my 3x4x6 tent I have a 1000w M/H-HPS. So that gives u an idea on what u need if ur in a 5x5. Even a led rated to replace a 1000w M/H or HPS is really only pullin maybe 300w actual from wall.


I see. Okay. Thank you! I will definitely do some searching and get my lighting issue taken care of before i even get started.


No problem. Glad to help
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