Order trouble and have not heard back from support team


I placed an order and paid with the “Z” app. I received confirmation from the App but not from this site. I emailed support and have not heard back. As it took me a few tries to get the right payment method figured out and my previous orders had expired I did have to place my order a third time before making the payment. How long does before i will receive confirmation from support team @ilovegrowingmarijuana.com ?

Suggestions for lights

Not sure of your problem but everyone here has dealt with ILGM and have always been satisfied. It should be ok


How long ago was this?


This was yesterday. But my $$ has been taken from my account and it literally says my order number does not exist when i try to lookup my order status. This being my first time here it has made me somewhat nervous.


@Maddog903 have you tried emailing customer service? They’re always prompt, but not there on weekends.
It does take a bit for the order to get processed, and because it’s the weekend I suspect that’s probably why.
I’ve ordered multiple times from ILGM and they’ve always been excellent on a timely delivery. They haven’t let me down.


You’ll be fine. Contact CS and they’ll make it right. My friend sent them cash and got his order within 7 business days of him mailing his payment. All good. Sometimes just takes some time and patience.



I don’t believe there is anyone in the office on weekends. Since this was just yesterday, give them a little bit of time. I have no idea how the app works, but I’m willing to bet using third party takes some time.


Thank you everyone. All the positives are easing my stress. I just received ema confirming order and telling me dont forget to make deposit. I just replied with attachment of my deposit confirmation. Holefully i hear something tomorrow. Thanks again everyone!


Your going to be fine. The office does not work or reply on weekends. You will be a happy camper … lol


You’ll be ok mate. My order arrived after 2 weeks. @ILGM.Support.Zoe looked after me very well. Ordering on a Friday or a weekend you can expect 2-3days longer wait time I’ve found. Which is fine by me because the service here is top notch


Thanks! Got my confirmation this morning. I will have much more patience with ILGM in the future. Looking forward to my first try at testing my green thumb.



Try this mate :wink:


Thanks! I plan on posting a grow a diary in hopes of advice and some support through my first process. Feel free to share any u may have. I am getting excited now that i got my payment confirmation. :blush::v:


Then it jumped to


You’re in the right place mate, all very cool people in here.


This is the setup i chose to start out with. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for extra needed materials i may need and where to get the best nutrients and care products for my plants. I chose to go with Auto flower strains my first time just so i can get into the timing of everything and get a little more confident before trying to grow just feminised or regular seeds.


U may want to step the light up, 300w led is not much for 4 plants. It will get u started but def want more light to flower with.


Im out of this one mate, I’ve only got one soilless mix grow experience :wink:


Thank you. I was wondering about that. Originally i was going to order 2000w LED with the color change for different life stages but then it sais my setup came with light. So i didnt order it. But would i be able to buy smaller additional lights and just add them in or change the light out all together to something more powerful?


Yes u can always add more light as u grow. I dnt see the size of tent it comes with but 300w led isnt much. Prob 100watt wall draw if ur lucky. U want atleast 30w per square foot of growin area minimum. U can add cfls or t5 lights if needed to help also. Lots of light choices. But if u want a great light, talk to @dbrn32 and he will tell u exactly what u need for ur tent