Order status, not received

Am trying to establish my order status. Payment acknowledged 7 days ago, since then nothing.
Please advise. Thank you.

Please don’t post personal information.
We’ll tag @ILGM.Stacy she’ll get in contact you. Not sure about time zones but I know it’s delayed a bit in the states.
Hope this helps.


Thank you.

I did try other avenues to contact, but got no response.

HI there,

I’m unable to find any emails from you, can you please get in contact with us via our contact support page?

I have not sent email, sent 2 on customer support. I have also replied to you on forum page. I supplied a payment receipt number also for the full amount.
Ron Cahill

I’m sorry, I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. We do need you to get in contact with our support team via email, you can do this by simply filling in the contact form here, please give us all the info you have about your payment so we can easily locate it and help you out. (not on this forum, but in our contact form below:

I have just sent an email, my 3rd, as requested. I cannot supply the order no. as I cannot find the message, but have supplied payment details. Await your reply.