Order Received right in time


Placed my order on a Wednesday, paid with cash, ILGM confirmed shipment the following Friday, 13 days later shipment arrived in perfect shape. Gonna start my girls this evening! THANKS ILGM! Almost forgot, the courses are outstanding.


Happy growing :slight_smile:


Great, may you be blessed with a great grow. . .


Now the fun starts, or the headaches. Do you Know how to germinate seeds? Everyone here is very helpful so dont be afraid to ask questions. Happy Growing


I enrolled in Bergman’s Lab. I have been reading voraciously for days. I did several outdoor grows in high school and college so it’s been awhile since I have done any germinating but with the little I know about the process, this forum and Robert’s course, I feel cautiously optimistic


I put seeds in water for 24hrs then put in paper towel till root sprout is about quarter inch long Then place in your grow medium. You should have almost 100 percent success with this method. But thats probably just a review for you.


The guys and gals that work for Iglm are the best
I sent cash twice and received my orders in 10 days twice once they got payment woohoo :raised_hands:
Happy growing :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


Thanks for the input brother. That’s how we germinated back in the day so I figured I’d go that route. Hearing from you validates that thought.:+1:


What grow medium are you going to use. Do you have a PH meter and PPM meter


Promix soil, house blend from a greenhouse friend, got Fox Farm trio, pH meter and have been testing tap water to make sure and get pH right (also just to play with the new pH meter). Ordering a TDS meter asap. Can you reccomend a good TDS meter?
Have 4x4 grow tent with 1200 w LED.


You are prepared better then most people. One pointer on tap water, if its city water let is sit for a day or 2 so the chlorine evaporates Dont use water that come from a water softener. Also what brand of LED did you buy.


King LED. No water softener to worry about. Thanks for the reminder on sitting out water overnight.


King brand LEDs are made in China and are are only running about 200 true watts. They are actually the same as the no name cheap LEDs on ebay they just put a name on it and charged you more. Sorry to tell you that. But you will need more light for the flower stage That light just isnt powerful enough. I bought 2-1200, 1-1000 and 1-600 no name LEDs from ebay and Im thinking I will need moree light for bloom. I have the 1200 on my seedlings now at 18 inches away with no burn. So I know they are pretty weak.


Thanks for the info! Can you recommend a light? Should I add another light or replace the one I have?


Thoses lights are great for seedling and early veg stages. So just plan on adding more lights. What is you light budget.


Well, it is not an unlimited budget, I don’t want to mortgage the house or anything, but I want to have the proper setup and am willing to do what it takes to do this thing right


Good luck!
You won’t be disappointed


So here are a few options. 1. If heat is not a problem then you could go with HPS lights. They recommend 50 watts per sqft so you have 16sqft to fill then you would want a 800 watt light.Option 2 For LEDs the LED guru on youtube recommends 35 true watts per sqft so you would need a 560 true watt light. By true watts I mean the watts its pulling out of the wall. Not advertised wattage. Alot of people are happy with the Viparspectrum lights. Dont quote me but I think you can get a 900w light from them for about $299. This light pulls 418 true watts, so with the light you have you would be OK


That is good info brother! I appreciate your time and input. I’ll start my research tonight. In the meantime, until I get closer to flower, the King light will be sufficient, right?


Yes. Like I said I am using my 1200w for my seedlings and they love the light with no burns at 18in. your light and my light are the same yours just has KING printed on it. So you have 30 days to make a decision. There are better lights out there than the one I recommended if you can afford it. But do some research. Watch some mau5 videos on youtube. that will give you a better idea on the good lights